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  1. Teh Next

    OTT Jumping

    Soz for the necro but, is this jump around ( jump up, jump up and get down) still a feature or has it been calmed down a tad? I only ask to see if this game has developed via legit community complaints or if the game is still heading in a direction I'd rather not play.
  2. Find good servers that ban for such chat. Would be the traditional solution.
  3. Teh Next

    OTT Jumping

    Control over server settings, such as the jump really is the key IMHO. Old school games allowed control and it's something I miss. The popularity of console seemed to spell the end of our all. I know my friends and myself would consider our own server if we had a good control over it to play the way we like to play. Proper old skool style. That would probably mean a curtailment of the crazy jump!
  4. Teh Next

    OTT Jumping

    I dare say that given the PC'centric nature of the game /development team that some one will run a no jump server, eventually. That'd suit me.
  5. Teh Next

    OTT Jumping

    The way over the top jumping, is that a feature a deliberate inclusion? Or are there plans to cam it down a bit? I'm quite enjoying B44 but don't think I could endure that ridiculous jumping on a longer time frame. Thx
  6. As a little kid it was pong at home lol. In the arcades, Phoenix, Asteroids and Buck Rogers Planet Zoom. Amongst others. When home gaming started getting good as a teenager... Atari....Defender. ZX Spectrum.... Monty Mole, Dynamite Dan, anything Ultimate Play The Game. CBM 64. Pitstop 2, Uridium, Paradroid, Summer Games. Too many to mention TBH.
  7. Teh Next

    What antivirus

    NOD32. Always.
  8. Young Fathers. You gotta get in on this act. They deserve to be bigger.
  9. Teh Next

    5pm Thurs is unacceptable!

    So it's 5 PM in real time GMT ? Yeah, I'll be able to grab it when I get home from work, have a right good go at it and hopefully get feel for it and then forget everything when I play it pissed as a fart on Friday! Happy days!
  10. Teh Next

    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Salutations, I'm Teh Next. Been around PC gaming since my first Pentium cpu. Better known as keasy in older forums and such. Looking forward to playing casual, competitive killed the fun in pc games for me and created a generation of younger gamers that think they're something! Bet ya that makes me popular !!! Anticipating some good times ahead and hopefully a pleasant community and Devs that have common sense. By that I mean Devs that don't just listen to the loudest whine, Devs that know when the community are wrong. Cheers!