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  1. Tiffster


    Decent players ..lol. All they are doing is exploiting the bad mechanics of the game. No war have I ever seen where the battlefield is jumping around like the audience from a Sex Pistols gig. It needs fixing, lots of players are leaving because of it and no one wants to see another great game ruined by this silly problem that is so easily fixed.
  2. Tiffster


    Jumping is killing the game, it's a total joke. Yesterday I played 2 games (all I could play before I could take no more) and EVERYONE was jumping. It's like the floor was made of rubber.. Everyone on both side were just jumping constantly, it's a farce. Allow climbing over things (like Battlefield) but get rid of the jumping it's just unplayable.
  3. Tiffster

    Admin commands

    Kicking by Steam I.D is not working at all for us, all other commands seem to be working ok but kicking seems to not be working.
  4. Tiffster

    Unable to kick

    There is still a problem when it comes to using the kick commands in a private server. Regardless of which type of commands I use GUID or name we still cannot get it to work. This is very annoying as we are trying to host a crouch server and runners on it are killing it. Any word when this will be addressed.