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  1. Two things

    I don't get when you can be seen behind a smoke and when not. Is there a consistency behind it? Why can't we switch teams to balance? Please don't let people join a game if its in the last two rounds or so of a match.
  2. Wartide - Weapons Should Carry On To Next Round

    I think a new round should be in some way a reset and don't agree
  3. Active players decreased by 50%

    What exactly are they complaining about? Accuracy while jumping?
  4. I just wanted to mention that I really like the card system you guys decided to go with. I think it offers a big diversity when it comes to strats and investment. People always say that it's impossible to do a comeback with this system. But I think the matches require a good structuring of the card usage from the beginning on. In contrary to cs where we first have the pistol round and so forth I assume this game will be a clash of the heavy weaponry right off the bat. But if the whole team uses as many cards of Rifler and Pathfinder every round at the beginning and dies, you probably wont have any cards left after 5 rounds or so. If the smgs and rifles are all you can play, you'll probably have a rought time yea.. But maybe the KAR and co. should be seen as an extra for special plays and what we really should be focussing on is to get good with the default guns and mainly play those and just 1 or 2 extra weapons per round. That's probably a bit too extreme but the default guns are the key. Maybe someone can specialize as a support player and always use the default class. The same argument goes for the lack of nades. What should you do if you're starving of cards. Maybe advise your team to execute a certain nade strategy you practiced together to steal some cards. Just like the eco rounds in cs. I mean 5 nades and 5 smokes is insane! Also, if you starve, you should see it as a punishment and maybe you don't deserve to win then. So many guys have a really ceramic way of approaching shooters, all based on fixed ideas about what a game should be like. Would like to hear your thoughts about this. Btw. right now at the end of the round if you don't use your nades they get removed nontheless. I guess this is a bug.
  5. Active players decreased by 50%

    What's the problem there?
  6. Red dots

    Also colored teammates like in csgo would be very helpful
  7. Leaning

    Hey I didn't get a hand on the game yet. If someone could tell how I can try out the game, that would be awesome! But that's not the topic of this post. I saw that the game has the 'lean sideways' possibility implemented, just like in my beloved cod4. I wondered how strong the lean is. How much less of the body do you show? Which keys do you guys bind it on? I'd like to keep 'Q' and 'E' for something important like flashbangs and it shouldn't interfere with the movement. I can't think of any useful keys for leaning.
  8. CoD2 Fragmovies

    My favourite cod2 fragmovie <3