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    Great job guys.
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    Welcome mate.
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  4. Congratz mate, and great job so far.
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    Hello guys, My name is Ricardo "spet" Vieira, and I am a Portuguese gamer that star back in 2003. I have been playing America's Army since ever, as pubber, and competitively since 2005, but with the huge decrease of the game players and specially of competitions, i thought its about time to change. Since 2004 that i am running the same clan, that last year turned into an eSports Club, the Portuguese Rangers eSports Club. Between all of this, i always spend lots of time as volunteer in several gaming communities, such as national communities, CAL, ESL and lately in TWL, always related with AAPG. In my last job as volunteer, i was the TWL Competition Director, and was responsible for the competitions development of the games, specially FPS games, and was wjile doing this that i heard about Battalion 1944. Hope to finally enjoy a new competitive game, and in the future, who knows if not helping as volunteer in competition development.