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    FPS drops since last update

    My fps has taken a huge drop too since the update...from 200 true constant to like 120-160... i7 7700k 1080 8gb so yeah..same with low settings everything
  2. aaroth

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    I had pretty much the same settings as you described and got 120-150, lowest everything and lowish resolution. However I don't have an overclocked GPU so maybe if you wanted to do that it could? Might need to upgrade the GPU fan though, would only be extra £20-30 for a good one.
  3. aaroth

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    I have a 1050ti 4gb and I can't remember 100% but i'm pretty sure I didn't get 144 constant, maybe 120-150 fluctuating. I just bought myself a benq zowie 144hz 24" monitor for this game too, going to get a 1060 6gb GPU in the next few weeks also pretty sure that will do the job!