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  1. Yeah I know people here have been saying "Yeah it's a normal EA and it always happen in EA". No. It doesn't I was there when h1z1, PUBG(most of us were), Insurgency, and many more games have started early access. They all there problems and bugs, but we were able to play. Here even after the update u hardly find a match, loading screens are too long. Can't find a match(Even after the update it takes ages) Pressing on servers with 7/10 and it enters the loading screen for around a minute before sending the "Server is full msg". Sometimes i even try joining a server see the loading screen and nothing happens, it just takes me back to the main menu. Managed to play around 3 matches, the game has a lot of potential, movement feels a bit chunky but THAT'S AN EA Problem :), and it will be improved in the future. I hope not too many players will lose their faith in the game after this launch
  2. Yeezus

    Old but Gold

    ahhh the days of katha ;(
  3. Yeezus

    A thing that made me wondering

    Yeah u got it right.
  4. While playing cod4 promod today I remembered the old fast switch bind. Will we have a way to add this bind in b1944?
  5. Yeezus

    3v3 Clan Wars

    Maybe add an option for 3v3 when the clan wars will be implented. Giving less points to the team(Playing with the same team profile) For wins/loses. An execellent example to that system is the old game Gunz: The Duel. You can play 5v5/2v2/3v3 and such.. and the elo points added/reduces which each win/loss are compared to size of the team playing.
  6. Drake and Kanye are forever legends
  7. Listening to Drake, Kendrick, Kanye and such? Send your favorite hip hop songs
  8. Yeezus

    What keyboard do you have?

    Using Isku FX since my last cod4 promod days, not that expensive but it's great.
  9. Yeezus

    Old but Gold

    An Epic Edit ♥ I know many of you have already seen this edit, but i've just seen it for the first time, so I thought it would be nice to share it here.,
  10. Yeezus

    Few things worth considering

    +1 Great Ideas.
  11. Welcome abroad mate, I really hope your title will fulfil itself haha, and that we'll enjoy years of classing competitive gaming.
  12. Yeezus

    Whatsupp boys

    Can't wait to see all of you on the battlefield. Compete and start scrimin' again. Missed the feeling of strafin' and classic cod movement