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  1. Drizzy

    Game's Dead guys..

    after a week out, it's not even in the top 100 steam stats
  2. Drizzy

    Old but Gold

    All her edits are awesome, especially the CSGO ones. I hope we'll see more from here@Battalion
  3. Drizzy

    Damn Guys!

    Wow saw the kickstarter of the game like 2 years ago, sadly didn't back it because I thought the game is going to be something like RO2. Then I forgot about the game, and saw it on phantasy's channel like 2 days ago, and got hype af. As an oldschool CoD2\CoD4 promod player, I'm SUPER Hyped. I don't remember myself getting hyped of a game in like 9 years(Since MW2) Can't wait to get to know ya'll and start scrimin' again