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  1. I would like to know your opinions on these issues: 1) With the intention of bringing more people to the videogame, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to give him a few days for free. It is a good way to attract attention. 2) A community manager for the regions (NA, SA, etc.) with the intention of generating a better contact on a more global level and not "centralizing" the game (on organizational issues). I really like this game and I think it has a good future if it is organized in a good way... I would like to contact in some way with a developer or a community manager to generate more "official" content for the South America, I am working on a videogame portal with a variety of followers, which would be beneficial to generate content in the region (about Battalion 1944). As I mentioned earlier, I would like to know your opinion about the points (2) pd: sorry for my english hahaha
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    Old but Gold

    nice video
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    Hi from Chile !

    Hi, I'm Owzer (?) for a long time I've been in videogames online, especially in FPS where I have had great achievements. I am also editor of a eSports portal called SKGCL and I'm an administrator of some videogame groups in the latin region (FB). I only hope that the videogame will be released in order to dedicate time in the field of team competitions and generate content See you in the war! I hope my English has been understood.
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    +3 It is extremely necessary, it is obvious... they only have to confirm so that movements are generated in these regions.
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    Doubts about servers

    Hopefully it will be implemented in the early access, because I do not think it will attract attention in this region if there are no servers
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    Doubts about servers

    Hello, I have a question about the servers, because I was surprised to see that it does not exist in the Latin American sector (the South has many fanatics of the FPS games) ... I would like to know if it will be implemented for the future (?)... I am the editor of a portal dedicated to videogames (has a lot of followers) and I would like to generate content about this game. I think it would be a good idea considering the Latin sector. Greetings from Chile. PD: sorry for my English.