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  1. Lapn

    A frenchy on Battalion !

    welcome <3
  2. Lapn


  3. Lapn

    Hello from MARIOHERE

    Hello, welcome!
  4. Lapn

    Old but Gold

    I loved Nikkyy's CS:GO edits! They were amazing and i'm super glad to see her do a promo for Battalion <3
  5. Lapn

    Too simplistic bomb sites?

    I think they should definitely be more unique! Would be good for a lot of things; there could be an improvement. However simplicity can help a lot too.
  6. Lapn

    All skins

  7. I noticed this earlier too, kinda disappointing.
  8. Hey soldiers! I have created a Steam group that lists all Battalion 1944 regional groups! Check it out HERE You can use this group to find people to play with.
  9. Hey there, Battalion looks like the perfect game for me; a tactical, competitive, online shooter. I cannot wait to form a team and start to 'get gud'. The Counter-Strike scene is becoming stale, possibly dying, and the shift will be amazing heading towards Battalion 1944. I also think the arcade CoD style is great, much more fun than the sweat-filled, mind-wrenching CS:GO competitive gameplay. I really hope the game will be successful with a good player base size! The more the merrier... Have fun