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  1. me too, pls anybody let us know, if there is a solution. Thanks!
  2. f4zek

    Not enough video memory crash

    Hi, me too. I dont get any error massages, but when i disable it the game immedeatly crashes. Gforce960 2Gb if enabled the game shutters, there are huge fps drops, like from 120 to 30.. then 50-70 then 30 again. Athlon II X3 435 (i know its weak but should be enugh) 8GB (DDR2 ram ... iknow again.. ddr2 lame... but should be enugh) Nvidia Gforce 960 2Gb (settings are all in "low" or off ... resultion is 100% but only in 1280*720)
  3. f4zek

    Game download when the beta is finished

    Its really sad that i get the code on 01.21. and the Beta test ends 01.22. 6:00GMT I get a code hurrah! I cant play... awwww...