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    What do you use to record?

    After recording, you can use something like Handbrake to compress the file size about 5-6 times without noticeable quality loss. This is, if you're not using something like Premiere Pro to edit the video as well, in which case you can compress it in Premiere and just forget about Handbrake.
  2. locco

    What do you use to record?

    Nvidia - Shadowplay / AMD - ReLive
  3. locco

    bar/mp44 + kar98

    Today's patch will make the STG a 1 shot headshot weapon.
  4. locco

    Fastest way to gain XP?

    Competitive won't be unlocked this week, so you don't have to rush it
  5. locco

    Generally irritated

    Not sure why some people here are saying that your CPU is bottlenecking you, that's clearly not the case as your CPU is fairly decent and it should be only about 10% or so under something like the i5 7400. Not a lot of players have complained about the game affecting their computer after they quit it, so that might be on your side. Even if it isn't you might want to run some cleaning apps and tasks on your PC; stuff like CCleaner, defrag, /scannow in CMD, maybe even a clean windows installation if you haven't done that in a while. One of the devs mentioned that the slow loading times are due to a bug on Steam as well and that Valve will help them with a bit of support next week on it. Further optimization will obviously occur down the line, but for the moment just try to turn all settings on Low and cap the framerate at 60.
  6. BAR already can instakill with a headshot afaik.
  7. locco

    OTT Jumping

    Well, in regards to corner jumping, there will probably be a change at one point. Unsure what will that be exactly, but a lot of people have complained about this in various ways, so I guess they're at least considering some changes.
  8. locco

    OTT Jumping

    It will stay. They specifically had to modify the Unreal 4 engine in order to be able to introduce strafejumping, would be weird to remove a feature they worked on for probably month
  9. I just read this article about Aim Lab, an app that looks to improve your aim in shooters. It's been designed by two neuroscientists with the sole purpose of bringing in a more scientific approach to the way these kind of apps are designed. Basically, this is just a collection of different minigames designed to improve certain parts of your aim. What makes it different from similar apps is the fact that it can show you a big number of statistics, based on the way you're shooting, that can certainly help you to improve. An example would be breaking the aim target into 4 quarters and showing you where exactly you need to improve your aim, like the guy who wrote the article, who had issues when he had to aim from left to right. If you want, you can enroll in the beta here and if you want to be 100% sure the registration carried out successfully, you can e-mail them at info@statespacelabs.com. Contrary to what the Motherboard article says, from what I can tell the app won't be launched on the 7th; what will actually happen is that they'll send out a batch of beta keys.
  10. locco

    Quite Confused

    Only issue I had yesterday was awful matchmaking in some games, other than that it was pretty smooth.
  11. locco

    Was Battalion 1944 worth the wait?

    No game in the world could've brought back that feeling of creating strats during lunchbreak, because everything has changed since then, especially you, as a player and a human being. Because people are so passionate about the old games (including CoD4), I was expecting the reaction the whole community had, the "love it or hate it" mentality couldn't have been avoided. A lot of people expected this to be CoD2 reincarnate, while also a lot of people expected it to be CoD4 Promod v2, while also a lot of people expected something more realistic. No matter how the game would've ended looking, a big part of the potential playerbase would've been unhappy.
  12. locco

    same old crap

    I enjoy the game as it is right now and honestly I can't see them changing it right now. That being said, is there any way Kickstarter backers could ask for a refund? I think that they deserve it, considering that yes, the trailer they did back then was a bit misleading. I can't really understand why people are so vitriolic about this game; they either defend it like their life depends on it or they act like the devs raped and killed their mum, just because they expected a slower, realistic game. Just ease up a bit; if you don't like the game, move on.
  13. locco

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    Differences between the two cards you mentioned are really small. 1050ti is slightly better overall, but you should really get the cheapest option between those two. @aaroth what settings did you use? 1050ti should be more than enough for 1080p 144fps on all low, maybe textures med;
  14. After seeing a number of big YouTubers speaking about this game, I can't say that I don't agree with them. Don't get me wrong, I clocked about 2.5k hours in CoD4 and about 500 in CoD2 and I had fun with the beta, will buy the game day1 and even some loot boxes, just support the devs and the esports scene for it, but honestly I can't see a future for Battalion in it's current state. The game doesn't come with anything new, just the same gameplay we had in CoD4 with a few small differences. And though this is great for those of us who loved the old games, in reality there aren't really that many people who were into the competitive part of CoD2 and CoD4, and there will be even fewer today, 10 years after the glory days of those games. Battalion lacks a hook for new players that haven't played the old games; those who are interested in such a game will simply go for CoD WWII, which is simply the superior game when it comes to a casual experience. As others have said as well, Battalion 1944 doesn't have to sell 1 million copies on release and nobody expects it to compete with the big dogs. If the game gets into top50 played on Steam day one (would need about 15k concurrent players), then I'd call this a success and hopefully the game will get something that will help it retain it's players. I head the devs speaking about the fact that they got a pretty hefty, but not huge, amount of money for tournament prizes from Square Enix, so hopefully this will make the player count organically grow through time, with the help of streamed events and such.
  15. locco

    Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    Movement is fine IMO. As for the regen, I also thought about some sort of system that punishes you for getting shot in a firefight, but not so much as to definitely make you lose the next one. Like, for the first time you engage in a battle, your HP only regens up to 75% percent. Then there's a cooldown for about 10s or so in which if you get damaged you again regain HP up to 75%, but after 10s after the first time you got damaged, your HP only regens up to 50% if your health drops again; 15s pass and if you get damaged yet again HP regens only to 25%.