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  1. Game's Dead guys..

    Please tell me you're being sarcastic? I don't agree with everything the developers have done, but calling them retarted is unnecessary. Especially because it seems they're nice people. I also don't understand how seeing games die makes you feel good? If I would dislike Battalion as much as you do, I would just buy or play another game.
  2. Game's Dead guys..

    It's extremely hard to define what is an eSports title, at least in my opinion. Let's say I organise a 'Days of War' tournament every two months in my country. Everytime 10 to 15 teams participate. Price money is 500 for first place, 300 for second place and 150 for third place. Online however is the highest peak 783 people playing( a long time ago), but now anywhere between 1 and 10 people play this game daily. Does this game qualify as an eSports title? It's being played for money, but the online community is dead. I consider something an eSports title, my opinion not factual, if there are professional players. People who earn their living by playing this game competitively.
  3. Game's Dead guys..

    You are one of the few people I've seen that is patient, but you also need to be realistic. How many people are like you? The reality, in my opinion, is that most people don't have patience. Just look at the playerbase declining. I don't think most people will give the game another year in the hopes that it will turn into something they like . That means that Bulkhead needs to hurry to turn the tide. Especially when there are other competitive shooters available and other WW2 games are coming out in the near future.
  4. Game's Dead guys..

    I see you are a 'Humble Bundle Backer'. Was Battalion always this type of gameplay? Or didn't you play alpha/early beta?
  5. Game's Dead guys..

    Please explain. I would understand your frustration if this was organized by Bulkhead, but, like you said, this is done by an external host. So I don't really understand what the problem is?
  6. Game's Dead guys..

    The big question is how can they successfully turn the tide and how will they attract more players? When the Kickstarter launched in 2016, WW2 shooters were a thing from the past, but now we've COD WW2(never played it) and games like Hell Let Loose and Post Scriptum that will be released in the near future. So they've got some serious competition. To be honest, I'm almost one of the players leaving the game at this point and think of (maybe) coming back in a couple of months(unless I can find an easy fix) The latest update ruined it for me. Constantly getting the 'Battalion has crashed' error and if I can join a server it's extremely laggy and huge fps drops. Too bad, because I enjoyed playing the game from time to time.
  7. Are we being heard by the developers?

    Obviously I would have liked to hear something differently, like 'we're going to divide our limited time between different platforms'. But at least thank you for answering and being honest with us.
  8. Are we being heard by the developers?

    Calling people 'lil pussies' and 'little girls' and wondering why you've a negative reputation... And if we're not in the workplace why do you care about your reputation? You don't have to get along with everyone it isn't a workplace (like you said). If I had anything to say, which I don't, I would probably consider/pitch the idea to replace the downvote button with something else.
  9. Are we being heard by the developers?

    Great to see you reply! But you still left some questions unanswered. Hopefully you can answer those when you've got some time in your busy schedule. 1) I joined the official forum to interact with the team behind Bulkhead Interactive, but this doesn't really happen on here. But Joe Brammer seems to be pretty active on Reddit answering questions. Why doesn't he switch between platforms(Reddit,Twittter and the official forum)? Or is this going to happen in the near future? Or should we just give up and use thise forum as a place to interact with other players and make a Reddit account to get our questions answered? 2) On Reddit Joe Brammer made several threads to hear the opinion of the community. Why isn't this copy + pasted on the forum by him? Is there a reason behind this or not? I would imagine the more people react the better it is for the development of the game? And I would love to play the game, but unfortunately Battalion does not work for me anymore after the latest update.
  10. Are we being heard by the developers?

    Like I said before I don't expect the developers to react, but it's the job of the community manager to keep in touch with the community. And this forum is not meant to let us have a talk with developers? Read the description of 'design ideas', 'technical report' and especially 'questions'.
  11. Are we being heard by the developers?

    I agree they can't react to everything, but they have a junior community manager and a community manager. It's their job to interact with the community. I don't understand what the point is of creating an official forum, but don't use it to communicate with the community and using Reddit instead. Especially when we have 12.000 users and Reddit only 8.000(according to someone)
  12. Are we being heard by the developers?

    I want the developers to focus on the game to make it as good as possible, but the community manager is there for a reason. I know they can't answer all questions, but at least once a week take the time to interact on this forum. Maybe they've seen a lot of people have issues with their fps(for example) and respond with something along the lines of: Hey guys, we are aware of the fps issues and we've almost found a solution. It will be fixed in two days. (just to give a quick example). Something that I don't understand as well is that they don't copy+paste what they've posted on Reddit. For example: the post about what people on Reddit thought about the way Bulkhead Interactive communicates. They probably don't mean it that way, but it comes across like our feedback doesn't matter.
  13. I expected, when I joined the official forum, that someone from Bulkhead Interactive would be heavily involved in the discussions. Not the developers themselves, they're too busy working on the game, but a community manager. Someone who could be a link between us and the developers. I feel like this is being done on Twitter and especially Reddit. Reddit was asked what they wanted to see improve and what they thought about how Bulkhead Interactive communicates, to give a few examples. And Joe Brammer would often respond. This is something I miss on this forum. It almost feels like we aren't being heard. It might be that someone from Bulkhead Interactive writes down every criticism, bug or error we report here, and I hope they do, but it would be nice if the community manager would be more active on here. Am I the only one who doesn''t feel heard? Or do other people feel the same way?
  14. OTT Jumping

    The developers only seem active on Twitter and Reddit, but barely on their official forum. So if they're going to listen to us? No. Maybe if you also post the same thing on Reddit or Twitter they will listen.
  15. Game's Dead guys..

    If that's the case it will end up like the 'eSports' scene in COD2 from the last few years. The same teams playing in some small room against eachother for prizes cheaper than their plane ticket. Not really tempting for big companies to sponsor.