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  1. When you collecting your wooden spoon boys? Gunjax X
  2. Totally agree, i mentioned this in my post earlier in the thread. Devs did a great job hyping the comp scene but a game lives on its community, a reason why COD4 collapsed! Insomnia dropped the game due to lack of entrants not lack of talented players. You need to engage on mass and give everything a little bit of what they want. When you look back Promod was actually a great idea. It allowed the comp scene to have its own game and the casual players to call in airstrikes and Care packages! Arcade needs to be 20-30 player servers. You need to implement maps like Overgrown etc (i cant remember the name of the train yard one and the tower blocks map). The game isnt bad but you need natural progression from casual to comp in a player base, and to be frank if you were just starting out you wouldnt have an ounce of fun.
  3. You completely misunderstood the post and the meaning behind it. 16000 people believed the hype assuming there was more than just 'competitive 5v5', which regardless of game type, the game is. The game did not actively encourage people to join up on ts and jump a server with 8-10 guys because the limits in place. That 15000 was your community, your advertising, and the beginning of growth. I cannot put it clearer than that.
  4. Points to consider Cod2/4 players that this game was designed for are all 25+ approx. This means that probably half of them may of gone onto other games, 'hung up their mice', or not want/able to commit the time required (family/work etc) The new fresh blood that really kickstarted cod4 was on the back of cod2. The game was current and established and community clans were thriving with 20+ servers and their own websites. Not to mention the 'apply to join Osiris' link (little name drop there to a community team) There is a huuuge skill gap with new players joining and although all of us accept jumping around corners, if you are new its a hard game to master and there is little in the way of casual enjoyment. I think you need to accept that unless this game is picked up by the 'fresh-blood' then you will only get 3k max players (with a decent wind in your back). I personally think that the tournaments are not going to kickstart as predicted as there is no playground for the new guys. Play ranked, come up against a fucking beast called Gunjax, lose and then say game is shit. (there is some humor in there before you keyboard warriors jump in) Just remember all this, if you enjoy it, play it. COD4 is gone, the reason its gone is because we all left it. Peace Gunjax x