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  1. wildcardNS

    Dedicated Instances - xinput1_3.dll

    Thanks for the help, gentlemen. That was a little too obvious for me to figure out. Always overthinking!
  2. I bought a dedicated box to host servers for my community. As we'll need more than one instance (along with web and FTP, etc) it's much cheaper this way and I can manage the box myself. Unfortunately, I cannot launch multiple instances of the Battalion server as there is a .dll being hooked and locked to the first process. This is kind of a big deal, as it means clients (and providers) will likely need multiple virtualized OS's to run multiple instances. That's fine when you're running Linux, but with Windows Server it gets rather expensive. I only have 1 server license on hand. Is there a way you guys could do this differently? I could spin up Hyper-V and virtualize some CentOS hosts to run the game... but that's going to take some beard growing I'm not sure I have time for.
  3. Putting together a few servers for my community, have hosted probably hundreds of CoD1/2/4 servers in the past. I have questions about the ini/loadouts. What is InterpStep? It seems to be related to lag compensation, much like ticrate, but ticrate is set (presumably?) with DedServerMaxTickRate. I'd like to play around with objective rewards for the card system. I haven't been able to get this working. Is this feature in the game yet? What is the syntax to call cards here? Do I need the full class, or can I just declare attribute/value? Are the values here increments on current value, or absolute value (1 = +1, or 1 = 1 total)? Which files are read-only? Can you load new ini's or decks without restarting the instance? Can you edit sVars from the console and have those changes saved to the file, or are they only stored in memory? Does that memory reset between maps? Is there no way to see inside instances, such as with a server-side console? How do you run multiple instances? I get DLL errors when I try
  4. wildcardNS

    Jumping ironsights

    I can already tell I like you.
  5. wildcardNS

    individual gun xp and levels.

    So. Much. This. The new school of cod players have arrived on this forum and it's pretty clear who is who. Gotta grind that diamond MP44 and prestige logo bro.
  6. wildcardNS

    3v3 Clan Wars

    I think this would fragment the queues too much. 5v5 should be the focus.
  7. wildcardNS

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    If it stays there needs to be scope movement. It's too easy right now. There should be scope movement in general.
  8. wildcardNS

    Colored Names / Tags

    Honestly their started opinion on this is incredibly... silly. That's the nicest way to put it. The argument that it affects gameplay is total nonsense.
  9. wildcardNS


    Yes it does. Also, yes there is going to be a console port which is why they won't change it. Anyone who thinks the recoil is fine has been crutching in low recoil games made for consoles over the last decade. This game was supposed to be the opposite of that. Major disappointment if it isn't raised.
  10. wildcardNS

    Improvement for picking guns off the ground

    Agree with all. On the swapping point; ability to drop a pickup in spawn, then select a new card kit would be nice. Ex: I'm entry frag, clutch, pick up enemy Kar98. Next round, drop Kar for sniper teammate, have option to switch kit still. Or keep the Kar myself, drop Tommy and spend a card without losing my pickup gun. Losing pickup gun without dying should basically never happen.
  11. wildcardNS


    Definitely need more recoil. This isn't a console game where we need to cater to stick users. ..what's that? There's a console port? Sigh.
  12. wildcardNS

    Which maps do you want?

    Cod1 dawnville and WAWA!!!!
  13. wildcardNS

    Suggestions after playing a few hours

    You can avoid the set, you're not avoiding a base cooked right.
  14. wildcardNS

    Suggestions after playing a few hours

    Yeah, that's where you lose me. Cookable nades is an instant deal breaker for me.
  15. wildcardNS

    Suggestions after playing a few hours

    All perfectly valid arguments. It's not like it's ever a one sided affair; on harbor in vCoD the axis could nade a really nice choke point to stop the rush or they could throw counters to the sets the allies were no doubt lining up for 1-2 box and top ramp. Doing so left you open to the power of ppsh spray followed by mosin picks from the back line.. but you had the choice. Allies had to decide which spots were getting naded so they could minimize the amount of corners to check and prefire for the rush, or if they were going to send the scope upass to pick office, and nade the shit out of top ramp and ledge to rush B. That meta game isn't skill, I agree, but it provides another layer of gamesmanship to the field.