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  1. The sad thing is, a lot of the vociferous twitch gamers who initially supported the direction the game was going and shouted down those who wanted the game that was described in the Kickstarter have likely moved on to the 'next big thing' - whatever the current YouTuber's are into.
  2. Most definitely disappointed, this was not the game they promoted on Kickstarter, its closer to Quake than CoD
  3. You need a community of active players before you start organising tournaments. I'd rather not see any further maps added until they have improved the original ones, no point in moving forward without a solid base.
  4. My issue with the game is its not as advertised in the Kickstarter. Now I know there's going to be a little bit of drift and feature creep but where is the motion capture they talk about , that not many other developers use that is supposed to make Battalion 1944 so "authentic". The gameplay is a world away from "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" with the bunny hopping and strafe jumping around corners. In my opinion the statement "authenticity is at the heart of Battalion 1944" could not be further from the truth. I was never expecting a gritty full on realism FPS like Hell Let Loose or Post Scriptum plan on being or perhaps what Red Orchestra and its sequels have been. What was described was something aiming down middle of the road somewhere between an arcade shooter and something more full on like Post Scriptum or Hell Let Loose, perhaps even erring towards the more realistic side of that road with their emphasis on the word "authentic" and the emphasis put on visiting those real world locations and sampling sounds and handling the weapons. What I'd like to see are maps that are more gritty, more rubble strewn war torn towns with debris, abandoned daily objects like bicycles, prams etc, it all looks too clean. The Kickstarter talked about the team being made of ex AAA developers, modders and E-Sports players and it seems the E-Sports players have had far too much input in the design process because as it stands this game has "Twitch no-scope montage video" written all over it. The promod crowd are a very small niche and thats who seems to be the target audience when if they created the 'middle of the road' game described in the Kickstarter then it could then be modded to either end of the arcade/realism scale as those smaller niche communities see fit and those of us wanting a Call of Duty minus the fluff would also be happy and no doubt the developers would sell more copies and they would be happy, the publishers get their cut - they are happy and stump up the cash for Battalion 1944 2 and we're all happy all over again and everyone dances around with unicorns and rainbows - there, sorted, get it done already woohoo!
  5. Revvin

    forum hacked?

    Captcha unfortunately is easily bypassed by the programs these spammers use, question and answer works well but I wonder as an Invisionboard admin myself, does this forum have a live subscription for Invision's spam filtering service and if so as mods are you reporting these spammers so they can't do the same on other boards. Fortunately my forum is in a bit of a niche subject matter but I still get spammers and have it set so with one click all a users posts are deleted and they are reported to Invision's spam service.
  6. Revvin

    Kickstarter Game vs Early Access Game

    I'm asking for the game that was advertised in their Kickstarter which wasn't ultra realistic but not what we have now. It seems pretty pointless to go through all the motion capture (still waiting to see evidence of that in game though) and to sample sounds and textures on the weapons when the twitch E-Sports gamers they appear to now be targeting could not care less what the sounds or textures were. Joe Brammer dramatically holds up a gun in the Kickstarter video and talks about the sounds but your E-Sports player doesn't care about that, it may as well just be a beep for all they care, its quicker and doesn't distract from other sounds so why bother? the guns may as well go "pew pew" it doesn't matter. What was the point of visiting real locations? that doesn't matter to E-Sports, its just an arena. It gave the developers a couple of nice holidays granted but seems wasted if all along this was going to be an E-sports title and not the "authentic" game Battalion was described as being, that it was going to be "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" "authenticity is at the heart of Battalion 1944". RS2:V and SQUAD are niche titles that never set out to be mass market titles and the same goes for Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose but with Battalion what they described was aiming down the middle of the road where they stood to pick up a lot of jaded Call of Duty fans. Instead of creating what they described they went down the route of creating a title to cater for that incredibly niche and not "authentic" in any way shape or form CoD4 promod player who will then look to mod it further and create an even narrower niche. Thats why the numbers are tailing off. Those hopeful jaded Call of Duty players came here off the back of that Kickstarter campaign and see a niche subset being catered for. Why not make that game for the masses and if modding is going to be so popular let someone create a promod mod for that niche but to be a competitive shooter you need an online community and they don't have that because the game is dying on its feet.
  7. Revvin

    Kickstarter Game vs Early Access Game

    You've not read what I posted, I play a wide variety of games, from Doom, Fortnite, PUBG, CoD WW2, Battlefield 1, SQUAD, RS2:V, I'm not asking for a Post Scriptum or a Hell Let Loose, I will buy those games because of what they set out to be. What I'm disappointed with is despite many uses of the word "authentic" and quotes such as "genuine, authentic and just way more real" "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" "authenticity is at the heart of Battalion 1944" "a more authentic world war 2 experience" they have delivered something more akin to an arena shooter like Quake in the speed and way its played. I don't think anyone expected a hyper realistic shooter but a lot of people are unhappy to find something described as being "authentic" is plagued with bunny hopping and strafe jumping no-scopers. The market for a more realistic CoD WW2 is there IMHO because the current twitch shooting CoD4 promod fans certainly are not when you look at the significant decline in numbers playing. Well I stand corrected and even more unfortunate for Battalion 1944 that a game based on an older engine that has better looking war torn streets and towns. Unfortunately that CoD promod community is very small and its not sustaining the interest in this game based on the activity numbers from Steam.
  8. Revvin

    Kickstarter Game vs Early Access Game

    What you've outlined above is what has been frustrating for me as a Kickstarter funder. I watched their video and the same quotes you mentioned above were the ones that resonated with me - "genuine, authentic and just way more real" "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" "authenticity is at the heart of Battalion 1944" "a more authentic world war 2 experience" and the emphasis in the video of getting things right and being authentic with the shots of them going to the real world locations, handling the real guns and sampling their sounds. They sold it as being on the more realistic end of the FPS gauge. The graphics look like a downgrade too compared to the very nice looking foliage in the Kickstarter video and the animation looks poor when they went to great lengths to tell us what they had done to make it look "genuine, authentic and just way more real". I wasn't expecting something hardcore because of the way they emphasised the influence of Call of Duty 2 in both words and the way they placed the game boxes next to their PC's just to hammer that home. I was hoping for something along those lines, something a bit more authentic than CoD2 (after all its their favourite word) but without the unlocks but what I got was something that seems like it was designed only by the E-Sports side of the team they mentioned. Its too fast paced, too much twitch shooter, bunny hop, strafe jump and not the "authentic, down the barrel experience of world war 2" we were sold on. I'm hoping its not too late for Battalion 1944 but so far its the most disappointing game I have ever paid up front for in a Kickstarter or Early Access format. I'm hoping the movement speed can be slowed down, that the bunny hopping can be reduced and something can be done about the strafe jumping around corners while getting no-scope headshot kills. Its killing the game and the participation numbers don't lie and you cannot spin that any other way than people being turned off by what they are finding. Please also look at the level design, it just doesn't feel like you are running around a war torn town. There is not much in the way of debris and the general rubbish left around, its like the council have been round in their street cleaners before the match has started - add a bit of grit and grime! The buildings don't flow right either, you'll see a window on the outside of a building yet run through a corridor and see no door into it, yes its a small thing but just add some doors even if they are locked just to make it feel right and please again add some grime and rubbish, at the moment its just all too clean, even PUBG manages to 'grime up' their buildings better. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam looks a lot better when you are fighting in towns so its not Unreal Engine 4 causing any issues and please please please, if you have mo-cap for the animation of soldiers then please put it in the game because currently they look awful.
  9. Revvin

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    As an administrator of an Invisionboard forum I think it works great on mobile right out of the box, the forum should be the first place to read about game news
  10. Revvin

    OTT Jumping

    Doom, Doom 2 and Quake were massively popular multiplayer through either peer to peer direct dial or via 4 player BBS services of which there were several in the UK such as Gamesnet and Forest (my meagre claim to fame is to remain undefeated on the Cardiff Gamesnet BBS until it closed - sad yeah I know but I'll take what I can) Doom and Doom 2 had huge following in the US through services like DWANGO spawning many WAD packs that became popular across the community. In 1995 I was playing on a 200 player WW2 flight sim called Warbirds, dialling long distance to an internet access provider in the UK using a DOS PPP/SLIP script to connect to the US Warbirds server, pings were high but gameplay was great. Of course along came Quakeworld in 1996 proving you could have reliable internet gaming on a dialup modem, I used an internet provider called Pipex back then as they were pretty good, Quakeworld could be played on pings of 150ms+, obviously the lower the better but I remember clan games against US clans with pings of around 200 being playable over the net. Kali released in '95 and emulated an IPX network over TCP/IP which opened up a whole raft of games that became popular over the internet such as Descent and its sequels long before Quake 3 and UT. Broadband obviously made things a lot easier (although you have to wonder if its made developers lazy when you look at some of those creative ways to game online in the 90's and the amazing prediction code employed to deal with such pings) I was a beta tester for Cabletel around '98-'99 IIRC (long before they became NTL and then Virgin) the first connection the gave me to test was 56k - but the difference going from a 56k dial-up to cable was huge, a server on dialup may be 150ms but drop to 50ms on the cable modem. For all the talk of taking inspiration from CoD 2, MOHAA and DoD I just don't see in in Battalion 1944. Its Quake with WW2 skins.
  11. Revvin

    Was Battalion 1944 worth the wait?

    Massive disappointment unfortunately
  12. Sounds like you guys fell for then"the most authentic, down the barrel experience of WW2" line in the Kickstarter too because I certainly don't recall stories of Allied soldiers bunny hopping up Omaha beach. I don't see why the developers wasted so much time on the sounds of the guns when the gameplay is Quake.
  13. Revvin

    Should We Remove Jump Shooting?

    Yes, remove it please
  14. Revvin

    same old crap

    Possibly the line "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of WW2" in the original Kickstarter video, I think thats duped a lot of us because I don't recall accounts of Allied forces bunny hopping up Omaha beach or bouncing out from behind tree's, no-scoping the enemy in the Ardennes forest.
  15. Revvin

    A real concern for this game

    I've lost count of the games I've alpha and beta tested, back when an alpha or beta was just that and not a glorified marketing tool to generate hype for a game like most early access titles are now