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  1. These things are common to games going into early access. I've played several and they all contain bugs. The difference here is the studio is very transparent about what they're doing. Within an hour announcements were made and towards the end of the night many of the issues started to improve. Either way, a simple fact remains, things cost money. Early access is a way to keep funded whilst developing at the same time. Many issues can't be found until huge levels of traffic try to play and beta access can't be expanded because it's limited to those who backed the project from the beginning. The game is aimed a a particular demographic of people who play or played games competitively. I for one was surprised how much this game had improved even since beta. If it continues along this path the people the game is aimed at will 100% play it regardless of early access issues that were totally announced and expected.
  2. RpZ

    backer medal

    Not particularly an important question whilst we wait to get up and playing. But as a deluxe rifleman backer how do we unlock the backer medal thing we get in game?
  3. RpZ

    Early Access Download

    It was a kickstarter project. So you can't back thst way anymore. It is released early access on 1st Feb though for purchase so you can start playing at the same time as those who backed the kickstarter
  4. RpZ

    Early Access Download

    Just as a short cut for reading the link. Says full game files won't be available until actual release so the small download is normal at this stage.
  5. Hello, Might be just to early here and apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I couldn't find it quickly if it is! Entered my early access code into Steam today to get it downloaded and installed ready for Thursday but the download was only 176mb in size? I figured it might be a download launcher, but when trying to open the game it advises files are missing. I've had early access before and not had issues. On activating the game it called it 'Battalion 1944 for Beta testing'. The actual game in the steam game list is just Battalion 1944 however. Not sure if it's relevant but didn't seem quite right. Anyone had the same? Am I just getting ahead of myself and it can't be downloaded yet? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'll try not to say everything I thought as a lot had already been mentioned looking at other posts. I relate my feedback to the huge amounts of hour I played CoD 2 and 4. Many of those hours competitively (not saying I was any good mind) A couple of the main things I found: 1. There's a slight delay on hitting the ground after jumping/strafing which affects the fluidity of the game play. If this could be removed it would flow much better 2. There's also a slight delay when you throw a grenade before the animation actually starts to throw it. Again mainly affects fluidity. 3. As expected you can't aim down sight while sprinting i.e. When you are holding shift. Again their seemed to be a delay from releasing shift to being able to aim down sight. This was mostly noticeable when you strafe around a corner to try and kill an enemy. The movement was sluggish due to slight delays. 4. Guns. Feel and look great. Some are still over powered. Rifles I found kill nearly every time regardless of where you hit the enemy. You do get tags here and there, but I feel on rifles, and other weapons more disparity regarding where you hit the player against damage done would be better. 5. Smoke. Perhaps a little over the top. Hard to explain but it felt so thick when in it thst I couldn't discern what direction I was moving in. Of course you shouldn't be able to see anything, but I run I high end rig and found it strangely disorientating. Others might find this a positive I guess though. Overall though I thought the game was excellent. I really did get the feeling I was playing a mash up of cod 4 and cod 2. The hitboxes especially I thought were spot on. Really excited to continue playing this.