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  1. There are some spots on some maps where if you try to advance with a shotgun the range will make you lose the engagement. I don't know the damage value for each pellet but maybe the problem is that it just takes one of those pellets to hit the head for an instakill. Otherwise I don't see a reason for the shotgun to be worthless like in pretty much every other game where it practically doesn't harm people standing more than 2 meters away.
  2. DK.

    2v2 mode

    For a 2v2 mode maybe the devs could hold a mapping contest like the Red Orchastra devs do with their games and the top 3 maps would get put into the game?
  3. I would like to start off by saying that I don't have a 21:9 monitor nor do I play with a FOV higher than 105 currently. Now to the topic at hand. I have read in the forums that there hasn't been a proper support for 21:9 aspect ratio for some time(maybe not at all since alpha/beta?) in the game. And then I also read that users cannot set their FOV any higher than 105 anymore. This is the wrong way to treat users and overall it makes the user experience that much worse. I would like to hear from the devs their reasoning behind this, and not just get the answer "because competitive ", because that argument is just completely wrong and has nothing to do with how competitive a game is. Sure you can see a bit more if you have a 21:9 monitor and a higher FOV but that's why it exists, to give the user a more immersive experience. If you argue that it is unfair to see more then that could be said for anything when it comes to any options what so ever. I can guarantee that having a 144hz monitor is way more beneficial than the extra space you get with an ultra-wide. Same for the FOV, it is a personal preference and there is no "correct" one-value-fits-all FOV. It is different for everybody.
  4. I'd say the shotgun is fine right now. If you get caught in the open at range you don't have a chance with it. If you think it's too powerful wouldn't you basically be saying that about the Kar98/M1 Garand since they're pretty much laser weapons too?
  5. DK.

    Rifleman balancing

    4 players, not too often. But I definitely think going up against 3 players will happen more.
  6. DK.

    my 2cents

    Maybe in some time there will be a mod for more realistic gameplay. I remember playing some kind of realism mod for cod 2 singleplayer back in the days which was a lot of fun.
  7. DK.

    my 2cents

    With your suggestions I'd just recommend you to play something else, not trying to be mean or anything but I think the game is not what you're looking for since you're trying to compare the game with how things are in real life.
  8. DK.

    Rifleman balancing

    The the Kar98 and M1 Garand are pretty much balanced right now, and note that I say balanced not equally performing/good. When balancing weapons you have to take into account the maps and gamemode too. I would also suggest going into the firing range to compare how fast you take down 4 targets with each weapon. The m1 garand should be able to do it a lot faster even if you put 2 rounds into each target.
  9. DK.

    Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    It won't remove camping but I was thinking it kind of gives you a chance to jump past the doorway/alley he might be aiming at.
  10. DK.

    Movement seems a little clunky?

    How long do people want strafe jumps to be? I'm genuinely curious, I didn't play promod and only played cod 2 a little. I'd try to look at how long a strafe jump is by watching an enemy jump instead of how long I can jump. It always feels short when you try it yourself but when looking at other players it actually looks like a pretty good distance.
  11. DK.

    Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    The jumping is fine in my opinion, it adds a way to counter campers.
  12. That's what I like about the game too! More games should take this approach and focus on gameplay instead of weird gimmicks/player perks.
  13. DK.

    Are skins the way to go?

    I'm absolutely not a fan of skins in a game like this since it kinda ruins the look of the game. I'd at least like to see some sort of option to turn that off.