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  1. ShadowXFX

    Server Regions

    When will there be an update to for the server regions that aren't in at the moment or what are the requirements, want to find out this info before competitive starts.
  2. ShadowXFX

    Beta > Release

    I played the beta a few times and my performance was constantly at 160 FPS (I locked it to that in the settings menu). Now I get an average of 80 which is really annoying for me on my 144hz screen. I have kept the same settings as the beta so what could be causing this? Also I can't change my mouse sensitivity in game, it just rests to "0" when I choose "Apply". Just another question, custom servers don't grant any XP. Is this how it is meant to be?
  3. ShadowXFX

    EA Release Game files

    I was just wondering if it's possible to somehow grab some files from the beta and put it in the folder to make this download more quicker?
  4. ShadowXFX

    Server Regions

    Could they really base it off the Beta though? I mean you could only really play if you were lucky enough to get a key
  5. ShadowXFX

    Server Regions

    Just want to find out how the plans are going to work for the servers in regions that aren't supported at the moment. My best ping is currently 200 on EU WEST. I'm playing from South Africa, I know there is talk of renting own custom servers, etc but if we want to play ranked will the dev team need to outsource those servers or how will that work.