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  1. Bound

    Now this is what I wanted to see!

    Truly is a great launch, can only see it rising.
  2. Bound


    By the sounds of it, the original poster.
  3. Bound


    This is funny. Every new release has launch issues, especially when there are such large numbers of day 1 users. Generally, there are compensations for those triggered like yourself but ultimately you should be more aware.
  4. Bound

    Deleting Forum Club

    @Soldat Ryan Absolute legend
  5. Bound

    Deleting Forum Club

    Hey mate, not trying to delete a post, trying to remove a Club.
  6. Bound

    Deleting Forum Club

    Ay ladies, Possibly one for the mods, is there a way I can delete or can you remove a duplicate club? Made one to test something & there isn't a remove option. Cheers
  7. Bound

    Hunting a key

    Didn't realising she was ending so soon, no need for a key I'll wait. Cheers lads. Wasting time & space.
  8. Bound

    Hunting a key

    Hey ladies, I've been on the hunt for quite some time, the game looks insane and eager to test. I understand there's plenty of others seeking keys but I'm trying all options. Appreciate any support, Enjoy.