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  1. Rooslin

    Round time/kill feed PLACEMENT

    You can already change it to numbers instead of steam photos its in the settings all the way at the bottom of the gameplay tab
  2. Rooslin


    "During our beta we had over 4,000 concurrent players, this is the number we used to anticipate day one players. We have seen four times that amount, all trying to matchmake at once and our server loads are currently MUCH higher than anticipated from those numbers." Not going to lie that is a very odd and lame excuse. It was a closed beta and I know many who either didn't get in or didn't sign up because they didn't know about the game. You had summit and shroud both playing and promoting your game on Twitch, why would you at least not double the numbers from the closed beta from that alone? Two streaming juggernauts playing your game singing its praise. Just seems like a very obvious oversight to use the beta numbers. On a side note I think the OP is down voting anyone who disagrees with him which is his right I guess, but does seem childish...
  3. Rooslin

    A thing that made me wondering

    I thought he was talking about quick switch between your two weapons like press "X" button and switch to your pistol. The few times I sniped I would try and quick switch as I do in CS and would just lean like a god damn monkey >.<
  4. Rooslin

    Esport bomb timer

    Spoilers for the E-league major so don't watch the clip if you plan on watching it and have been avoiding news on it. This is a perfect example of the suspense of both the crowd, casters, and even the players from the bomb timer not being shown and having that super close defuse. https://clips.twitch.tv/SpineyAbstrusePuffinWOOP
  5. Rooslin

    Feedback based on last few betas.

    Also the shotgun is missing from the training map
  6. Rooslin

    Can be balance in this game style?

    We don't and can't know the trends from 1 weekend beta, there needs to be more time for a meta to define. I know you say you feel the sniper is the star of the game but it's just something that a lot of people gravitate to when first trying the game because it seems cool to them. I tried sniping a few rounds and it wasn't for me even though I'm the main awper in CSGO for my group of friends. Give it some time and the unblanaced trends will level off as people start to find there weapons and style that fits them for this game.
  7. Rooslin

    Can be balance in this game style?

    The AWP isn't OP in CSGO though, in lower ranks it stomps sure but that's not what the game is balanced from. In higher ranks the awp is much harder to use effectively since players actually use smokes, flashes and play properly. I felt the sniper in Battalion was strong but still counterable with smokes. And yes the sniper can often be the last one alive if the team isn't going for sniper vs sniper picks and instead is using utility to bypass the sniper as they should be in that scenario. A player with good proficiency with any of the guns will become a star of the game with their gun of choice. I feel you just don't like the snipers and have a sort of bias, I hate dying to snipers but I do think the gun is balanced especially after the air accuracy change and un-scope change.
  8. Rooslin

    Can be balance in this game style?

    How is the AWP the attraction of CSGO?
  9. Rooslin

    My thoughts of the beta

    Brammer mentions in this thread about the sound (further down) and there's also other good information in that thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/comments/7ssnf6/limitation_on_marksman_class/dt7idjn/
  10. Rooslin

    Pick up sounds

    I watched a guy in a 1v2 crouch walk around 2-3 cards to not give his position away and try to clutch the round. It bugged me so much because the clutch wasn't likely and we needed the cards, but I also understand going for the hero clutch and we also did need the rounds. That's why I would like this added since players can go for the clutch and get the cards. While the enemy still can notice the cards missing from the map and get that information.
  11. Rooslin

    Timer sound

    A team with poor time management will get better while the team that focuses, pays attention to the time, and communicates better wouldn’t get that edge anymore. I think having the bomb timer instead of a beeping noise reduces the suspense of rounds and defuses.
  12. Rooslin

    Esport bomb timer

    This is more of a design choice and something which builds suspense for when retakes are happening. Remove the bomb timer and use a beeping noise like csgo the reason is it helps build suspense and having those nail biting super close defuses, puts everyone at the edge of their seat. A tournament in Csgo showed the bomb timer and the rounds were much less engaging and suspenseful then without the bomb timer. Could just be a viewer only addition but I think it should be replaced as a whole
  13. Rooslin

    Timer sound

    I disagree, I feel that's basically holding the hand of players. knowing the time remaining and what you are capable of doing with the time you have should be a player/team skill. Even pro players in CSGO will forget the time remaining and lose a round because of it.
  14. Rooslin

    Beta feedback - Guns, maps and more

    There’s a lot of good feedback on the forum probably just not the feed back that agrees with your views. Definitely agree on the heavy weapons, and usually saw those cards being picked last in lobby’s with no new players.
  15. Rooslin


    Commonly people don't like RNG in their competitive shooters and who ever has the better aim (skill) should win the engagement, rather then a guy getting a lucky head shot or lucky kill in general because of recoil. I think there is a middle ground between the two. CSGO has a small bit of inaccuracy on the first shot and technically if at medium to long range your crosshair can be on the edge of a guys head and you will still miss. people hated this and wanted perfect 100% accuracy on your first shot. Valve responded by saying "the inaccuracy is there because they want to award the player who has the better aim and can get the crosshair to the center of the head rather than just to the edge. so in a 1v1 where those two scenarios meet the guy who aims at center of the head will come out of the engagement more often.