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    Ideas Batallion :)

    Bumping this, way too important for me personally. Right handed, always playing with left viewmodel whenever possible.
  2. Marrond

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    Safest way is to just wait for Volta and pre-order it at MSRP. New cards are around the corner so they don't want to produce old tech and end up sitting on it in warehouses.
  3. Marrond

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    Given current ridiculous increases in GPU pricing I would say none... I mean seriously, just wait it through.
  4. Marrond

    My pro's con's opinion on the test realease

    Ever played CoDs pre-CoD4?
  5. Marrond

    Suggestions after playing a few hours

    Not really, no - I highly recommend you to launch up CoD1/UO to find out for yourself - quickscoping in CoD1 was a leap of faith (crosshair didn't necessarily zoomed in a spot you're aiming for). CoD2 had only ads+jump (sprint was only in CoD:UO but didn't have ads shooting during the jump - you could fire from hip but it would be WILDLY inaccurate) - the first to have all three was indeed CoD4 and was quite horrible as it is here. Sniper doesn't feel like any of CoDs - it's literally copy&paste MoHAA - point and click - of all mechanics they could've brought back from that game they've picked up the weakest one... TTK will increase as soon as they introduce atleast SOME resemblence of recoil... I mean we were supposed to be classic CoD and not Quake last time I've checked press materials Generally weapons feel all over the place - they really should just copy&paste CoD:UO when it comes to recoil/spread/damage, I mean there's a reason why the only thing Promod did for UO was to get round length and removed "scorestreaks" (yeah, we had them but they were permanent... like artitlery strike with 40 score, available in every round once as soon as you get said score). Besides if you won't have regenerative health game is bound to slow down - because then and only then there's risk-reward: do I do that risky play and end up with low HP that later on might decide the match outcome or do I play it safe and ensure my HP bar is full? Sample of United Offensive BAR to get context for those who never played it:
  6. Marrond

    Suggestions after playing a few hours

    Quickscoping shouldn't be a thing. It's a byproduct of dumbed down game mechanics for consolization of the series and should under no circumstancess be the case in a game that dubs itself as a "competitive oldschool shooter". In original CoDs snipers had a purpose. Other than that I mostly agree. Rifles need to OHKO but only torso and head (like in the original CoD:UO which struck the perfect balance in that area) I only disagree with TTK (or player's health) - it feels very close to the original, which is a nice refresh from your usual nonsense of dumping entire clip into someone's chest. Granted I believe that if they address SMGs power problem it will feel much better (these are simply too powerful as you've noticed). From myself I would add regenerative health has no place in "oldschool shooter", especially in S&D. To replenish health in original CoDs you had to pick up medkits from dead corpses of your enemies - you're supposed to perform thorough entire round and not from engagement to engagement when you casually regain all of your HP sitting under a rock. Risk-reward. sprint+jump+ads+accurate shooting? How is that supposed to be anywhere near original CoD games?! (it wasn't a thing until CoD4 for christ's sake...) in general pace seem to be tad bit too high - it's less of the original CoDs and more of CoD4 ADHD nonsense I REALLY hope animations are placeholder... hit markers? Really? hit markers showing up through smoke? WTF? HELLO?
  7. Considering they've made game mostly after CoD4 and applied WW2 skins to it it's hardly surprising that there's no bash - bash is too oldschool apparently, as well as medkits dropping from killed enemies...
  8. Marrond

    Outdated graphics?

    Graphics is about the LASTEST thing that should concern anyone when it comes to these types of games... everyone will run on low detail regardless to hit solid, rock steady 144+fps...
  9. Marrond

    Will Battalion just be a CoD clone?

    Sadly it is nothing like CoD1/UO or MoHAA - even CoD2 to a degree, it's CoD4 promod with WW2 skins slapped on top of it at best Quite a bold statement for a game that still has active servers over 15 years later... Not really. They were stating multiple times they were going for original CoD and MoHAA gameplay but instead we ended up with accurate ADSjumpshots and regenerative health... this is in the ballpark of CoD4 but galaxies away from what we've been told to expect.
  10. Marrond

    Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    It defeats the purpose of the smoke. Might as well show up player model as soon as you land a hit.
  11. Marrond

    Jump + zoom

    I would love to have it "to the roots"... it's quite disappointing to see that by "roots" devs mean quite garbage later CoD iterations as opposing to CoD1/UO (which still have active playerbase by the way...) The entire idea of having non-regenerative health is that it requires you to perform thorough the entire round and not only from engagement to engagement. The only mode in which regen probably won't matter will be TDM and quite honestly who gives two f#%# about that garbage? S&D is bound to be slower as it should be. Regen was quite frowned upon when it was introduced in CoD2 by original CoD1/UO promod playerbase and was mostly welcomed by console players...
  12. This was never supposed to be anything like BF - it was stated pretty much in every single teaser, trailer and interview, where did you get this weird idea from? It was supposed to resemble old CoDs... sadly it resembles CoD4 more than any of the previous iterations - I was really hoping for proper CoD:UO/CoD2 promod resurrection, instead I've got mediocre CoD4 promod with WW2 skins - not a fan...