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  1. Marrond

    OTT Jumping

    So, how is it going? Are even pillocks from this thread so fiercely defending this horrible design decision still around amongst all those 38 players online or already jumped flower?
  2. Marrond

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    To be honest we don't know to what degree it will be modable. It wouldn't be the first time someone claimed modability and then left community with very far in between options to tinker with. Granted, you would expect proper mods support since game is made by people who have been modders themselves instead of some corporate marketing rat that drives the industry these days.
  3. Marrond

    OTT Jumping

    Are you reading the context? I wrote that in CoD5 to maintain CoD4 playstyle they've trashed bolt rifles to acommodate for lack of gunplay and accuracy penalties. How do you see any of that sentence to describe Battalion situation? I will help you, that's the full sentence:
  4. Marrond

    OTT Jumping

    Jumps (and in essence movement itself in general) are not a problem - lack of accuracy penalties (something that was an obvious part of vCoD or CoD:UO - something that you could do and it could pay off but it wasn't granted) for movement (or being hit) creates an avalanche of balance problems. There's a reason why they've changed weapons the way they did in CoD5 (and essentially trashed bolt rifles by taking away it's 1hit torso kill potential making them inferior to any other choice available) to maintain this norecoil style console style gameplay. This guy gets it:
  5. Marrond

    OTT Jumping

    What are you, born in 2000s? o.0 "i went from mohaa to cod4" This explains a lot - you're simply unaware and ignorant to the gameplay CoD series employed before it was consolized to be playable on a gamepad... therefore you're forgiven but again - don't throw classic WW2 CoDs into the same basket as these are WILDLY different animals.
  6. Marrond

    OTT Jumping

    So if it's like CoD4 promod with CoD2 weapons then it's not like classic CoDs. Again, proving the point. Intentions or not, your statement was wrong on too many levels and is one of the causes of all negative reception Battalion has - because you lure people in with false expectations. I'm not arguing whether that gameplay style is good or bad.
  7. Marrond

    OTT Jumping

    Stop this nonsense already, it doesn't play like oldschool CoDs, it plays like CoD4promod. And there's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between these. And don't make me waste time recording "olsdchool CoDs" for side by side comparison just to prove how full of shit your statement is, please. It's okay to like the game the way it is, it's not okay to spread missinformation like that because the only thing it will achieve is more angry people shittalking the game and throwing bad reviews at it. It's CoD4promod reincarnation for CoD4promod fans. Noone who enjoyed gameplay of vCoD or CoDUO (actual CLASSIC, OLDSCHOOL CoDs) has anything to look forward to in here.
  8. Marrond

    Grenade Indicator!!!

    You can land some unavoidable grenades (simply because enemy has no time to react between seeing indicator and actual explosion happening) but you're basically throwing them almost directly above yourself so it only works if both you and enemy are in open space. Stopped defuse few times like that, sitting just behind the wall next to it. Timing on the grenade is so that if you throw it directly above you it will explode in your face just before touching the ground. It's just a hassle.
  9. Marrond

    Rifleman balancing

    The problem here is that if you hit someone it hardly bothers them and they just kill you. Now if landing first hit with Garand was throwing off someone's aim all of sudden you have balanced situation - if he hits first he obviously kills you, but if you hit him first he has no accuracy and either has to (VERY QUICKLY) withdraw or dies from second hit from an already ridiculously fast Garand. In current scenario Kar will always win given equal aiming skills and reaction time. In the end they will have to introduce accuracy penalties in one way or another so better make peace with it to avoid disappointment...
  10. Marrond

    Grenade Indicator!!!

    Cooking was in CoD:UO and without grenade indicator. It was just fine. But then again, game was more about positioning and controlling recoil and less about running and gunning... also there was more clear, louder audio clue for both grenades bouncing and pulling the pin.
  11. Marrond


    And I ate my teeth on CoD:UO. If round timer is dictating the pace then by your standard CSGO is the fastest paced game with objective-based rounds in the existence at whooping 1:55 round time (+45s bomb) which clearly is not the case.
  12. I just want "The All-Seeing Eye" - anything will be better than that laughable trash we have right now...
  13. Marrond

    Jump shots

    Reeducate yourself: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/222/
  14. Marrond

    New Factions soon?

    Let's get the core game working first. It's borderline unplayable as it is.
  15. Marrond

    Balance Ideas

    They do in all games, just require actual effort.