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  1. Game's Dead guys..

    Says it all really..... and maybe there lan events are bug free or they are using a different version of the game to the one we get? Either way it's not very inspiring is it and certainly makes you wonder.
  2. Original COD & COD:United Offensive inspiration

    That's a nice blast from the past
  3. White Box Battalion has crashed

    First thing to do would be to post your PC specs, old hardware may contribute to your issue.
  4. Are we being heard by the developers?

    That's good to know and no one expects you guys to sit on forums all day but just maybe some updates or news posted here once a day or something just to show some love
  5. Are we being heard by the developers?

    I am a new forum user and i thought the best place to get information from was "The Official Battalion Forum" as that seems to me the first place you would go. Or are you saying as forum users we don't deserve the same attention as your Reddit or Twitter users? I'm not making a fuss but i think it would be courteous to address all users across all formats you give information and have discussions on and if that isn't possible then either appoint someone who can keep an eye on this and other site's to ensure all the info is given to ALL users or make a post asking all forum users to use Reddit only perhaps?
  6. I see what your saying and i have experienced this so many times. Although you can see him in frame when paused or slowed down im afraid when your in the heat of battle i find the character's are so small from certain angle's sometimes they are very hard to see or aim on. Unfortunately this happens a lot and yes the game feels clunky but im sure these issues will be addressed soon..... i hope.
  7. Are we being heard by the developers?

    Fair comment, however it would be nice for some acknowledgement from someone high up just to say thanks we take your comments on board or something simple like that because as it is at the moment you feel you are unheard on an official site. They seem to respond to twitter and reddit a lot so why not here, and in not making 2 other accounts just to keep track of whats going on.
  8. Game's Dead guys..

    It's funny you should say this because i was thinking the exact same thing only two days ago. The reason i was thinking this is because it's only the "competitive" side of the game that ever seems to be focused on and not what the casual gamer wants. Personally speaking, and i have said this many times before, why don't Bulkhead make a "core base game" for the masses and tweak the comp side as they want in the way of mods as was done many times before with the likes of CoD2 and CoD4. I would like to think they are listening to people/gamer's in general who will play the game all the time or are we being used to "test" the game for the sponsors lan events etc? Definitely makes you wonder what their true intentions are but i hope it is aimed more towards the people who made this project possible for them.
  9. Game's Dead guys..

    A game that offers both Tacos and Burgers will create very large players
  10. OTT Jumping

    I don't think that will be case however, i do think not as many would be willing to play it as their main game as it currently is but if it is toned down a little it will help or wait for the time where the server owner can adjust the jumping if it is possible to"lessen" the exaggerated strafe jumping. This game in its current state is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate
  11. Game's Dead guys..

    Judging by these stats i don't think you guys have a year. There is a gradual decline over the last 2 weeks. These screenshots were taken 24hrs apart (Yesterday & today) if i were in the Dev team i would be concerned because the graph is going the wrong way.
  12. OTT Jumping

    I just don't know where people are finding similarities between CoD4 and Battalion 1944? The two game's feel miles apart even if you take the view of CoD4 promod (which i played a lot) and tbh i don't see why anyone would compare CoD4 Modern Warfare to a WW2 shooter anyway. I'm not sure what the dev's intentions are but i hope they are not solely trying to market the game for competition use for the general public, id rather they made a basic game for the public and tweaked the game with a mod for comp use, keep the two apart because most just want to play a balanced game without the airborne shenanigans which is currently killing the game for the majority.
  13. OTT Jumping

    That video pretty much sums it up, can't disagree with anything he said and that is a real shame. I think the developers should make a core game for the masses and release mod tools so the game can be adjusted for tournaments, leagues and let everyone have the ability to change the game to suit their servers.
  14. Running in Ubuntu 16.04 Server with no issues or crashes. Info for Linux and Windows dedi server set up As mentioned by Tek'S, might be a permission problem or just a bad or outdated install perhaps?
  15. OTT Jumping

    I looked through the basic server settings last night and couldn't find anything obvious. If it can be done it will bring many more "old school" gamer's back. The other main issue i find with the game is getting killed by someone i couldn't see and after a few games last night i started to find more and more people camping, just waiting for you to come running out, but these are topics for another day.
  16. Hi FeuerSturm, No problem, easy thing to miss but still a great banner you made Upvoted!
  17. Nice work FeuerSturm works great for me. Only problem i found was it displays the query port rather than the server port is that right? Also just for anyone else trying this banner its usually +3 on your server port when entering the port number but it all depends how it was set up in the first place.
  18. OTT Jumping

    I have played many cod2 and especially cod4 Promod games/matches and don't mind the hopping but i feel it is out of control on B1944 servers. I play one game and im done, i also tried a carbine, Kar98 etc whilst hopping and got 100% accuracy, maybe i got lucky but i feel the game is currently setup to jump and shoot. There will always be mixed feelings on jumping, always has been and always will. Not everyone will be satisfied and the dev's can't please everyone. If this is the way the game is to be played that's fine but at least give server owners the ability to reduce or remove jumping should they feel the need to.
  19. Gametracker Banner Bug

    Yes same for us and when adding the game to steam servers shows numbers rather than a server name. From what i understand, instead of using A2S_INFO it uses A2S_RULES to get the server info but im sure someone can confirm this?
  20. SSD vs. HDD

    I have all my games on HDD however, Battalion was the only game to take 2 - 3 mins to load up so i made some room on my SSD, moved the files over just to see if it made any difference and for me loading Battalion is almost instant now.
  21. Should We Remove Jump Shooting?

    Perhaps but some sort of time limit on it so maybe 4 or 5 seconds between jumps or reduce the second jump to half height within a given time and the third to no jump or something like that? I'm personally not fussed either way and hope mod tools will be available so we can mod our own servers the way we want them as in CoDWaW, CoD4 etc etc.
  22. Hey sauerman, its ok it started to show after a while. Great tool you built, makes finding servers so much easier
  23. Server v10820 - 100 Slots

    I was wondering the same thing. Steam servers show 100 slots was 10 before update but my server shows only 10 in the server browser so maybe a bug?
  24. This is a really good addition but i notice since i updated my servers today i can no longer find my servers in the list. The servers are live and i have joined them just the browser no longer finds/see's them. Has the server update perhaps changed something?