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  1. Excel


    I just wanted to be the first one to post here this year LOL Happy New Year everyone
  2. Excel

    Active Battalion servers.

    I ran three servers a while back but the effort was fruitless when the population dropped so i shut them down. If anyone want's to rent a Battalion server DM me .50p a slot GL in trying to populate your servers.
  3. Excel


    But we get cheats in any online game but the difference would be it would give the server admins a free hand to kick and ban cheats rather than having to tolerate them until you leave the server only to be able to report that player through some ineffective reporting tool. Problem with cheaters are, they will always be around, it's how they are dealt with that matters.
  4. Excel


    Yes CoD4 and CoD WaW if memory serves me correctly but the only thing that ruined being able to host your own ranked server were the guys who managed to run fast ranked servers which was a thing with CoD WaW. If you were able to host a ranked server with Battalion i feel this would help pick the game up, for example players from everywhere and anywhere in the world could join a local ranked server and not have to rely on BH hosting any.
  5. Excel


    I was under the impression you couldn't rank up on your own server as was evident when i had 3 servers up. We found it pointless playing on those due to not ranking so battled with the official servers losing connection and the rest of the hassle. It would have made sense if you could rank on a stock server at least as Soldat Ryan quite rightly pointed out "there would have been less issues with connections at EA launch" Maybe with full release in 2019 the above could be the case but for now running your own server for other than matches or training etc it is just pointless.
  6. Excel


    I get the bot and player thing but i am pretty sure you can't rank on your own server whether it's set to Arcade or anything else.
  7. Excel


    I thought that meant fill your server with Bots not human players?
  8. Excel

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    LOL, if i had any you could have them with pleasure Mate, my hopes were so high for this game and that of my clan. This game was supposed to have got everyone together again, scrimming and leagues etc just like the good old days but for some reason this game just turned everyone in to something i just can't describe. In all the years i have played online games i have never had the misfortune to see such a huge divide in players and i blame BH for this. Why, you may ask...... well if BH made the game for the community first the game would have naturally evolve in to esports but because it was done backwards you got all the pro player wannabes because they could strafe and jump and shoot in mid air which made them feel 733t which in turn made these guys think they better than everyone else who didn't want strafe jumping, jump shot 360 midair head shots. I may reinstall the game when it is released just to see how it all turned out but for now, for me personally, Battalion has been uninstalled but always will be remembered for the game it could have been and the game to have brought back together a world wide community again.
  9. Excel

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Probably, but at the same time some people (like myself) will give up on the game just because 3 - 4 months to wait for an update is far too long. I'm sure it will all come good in the end for the remainers
  10. Excel

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Hope you understand I mean the negative people (and they do not play the game, they are haters) I love everyone playing!!! But it really hurts to see you say they never stuck to anything they have said or promised.. You have the right to feel that way but they are so honest and imo are just doing what they have promised that it just hurts.. Why is gaming world (or internet) so harsh these days..? I'm not a hater and i generally agree with what you say and maybe i was a bit quick to read in to what you said but i felt a bit cheated as i was looking forward to MU3 but when i read it wasn't to be i just thought f**k it. I just wish i could share your enthusiasm and trust me i have tried but no matter what Bulkhead say they always change it somewhere down the line. Part of me see's what they are trying to do but the other part of me can't help but think they have used everyone's trust and money to build a business for their own gains just to leave their loyal supporters behind but that's just my personal feeling and now i shall move on to another game and will not play Battalion just simply out of principle. You have to ask yourself, how many others are thinking the same thing? Maybe it's not just about the game, maybe it's the way Bulkhead conduct themselves as a company which hit's a nerve with people who knows. And yes people can be harsh on the internet but that's what happens when you make promise's to thousand's but then cut them off and deal with discord members members only. Think how many formats have BH stopped using..... anyway, i hope your enthusiasm carries you and the 20 other players through to Feb 2019 because by then BH will have another EA game for release and Battalion will just be "the project" GL mate.
  11. Excel

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    That's a bit of an insult tbh. What's wrong with the other current people? I had 2.5 games the other night, the .5 was when i got the "lost connection to host" error message so i didn't try playing again. Point i am trying to make here is, how can you get excited about a game in this state and a Dev team who keep moving the goal post's at every opportunity. These guys have never stuck to anything they have said or promised so if they think im waiting until Feb 2019 for a patch then i'm out. GL with the player count, it will only get worse between now and 2019 LOL
  12. Excel

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Well, what's more to say? Definitely uninstalling this game now, was only waiting for MU3 but now that's not happening there really is no point. Good bye Bulkhead and Battalion.
  13. Excel

    More weapons!

    I agree but the devs see it differently i guess.
  14. Excel

    More weapons!

    Yes that and nothing to suggest what has been completed and what is left to do. No mention of anything really which is why the roadmap might as well be disregarded. I mean, how hard is it for a dev to make a post here once every month just to keep people interested and up to date instead leaving their customers hanging in the wind?
  15. Excel

    More weapons!

    The road map has not been updated for whatever reason so all we can do is guess. Judging by the road map which shows Q1, Q2 etc and EA was in February so i would say four quarters equals three months apart so we should be seeing Q3 update within the next week or so. Q4 should be around December 2018 according to the roadmap but i guess it's all going to be late now so i suggest we just disregard the roadmap altogether.