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  1. Excel

    RIP the official forum?

    Cheers mate, No jumping and all the extra rubbish is how we like it and play. I will put a post up on our forum and see what interest we get Thanks again.
  2. Excel

    RIP the official forum?

    No we haven't disbanded, the guys were looking forward to Battlefield V but the Beta turned out bad then they were looking to The Division 2 for next year and Post Scriptum was another option which again is an EA game with mixed reviews so that was a no go, there doesn't seem to be a lot out there for clans. We are playing anything and everything at the moment, mostly old games we have in our libraries but Battalion was going to be our main game, whether or not we pick this game back up is yet to be seen. We had three Battalion servers running from EA but i shut them down as the player base declined and we found there was no point in playing on a server you can't rank up on. I'm like you at the moment, "just riding the roller coaster" see where it stops
  3. Excel

    RIP the official forum?

    Hopefully this will bring back player interest in the game, the only problem i see is that too many people have lost interest in the game and will definitely not return. MOD tools should be a must asap for those gifted enough to continue with map making and such and everything which kept cod2,4 and waw alive for so long. I just think some expected more in EA because the trailers and such portrayed a nice smooth graphical playable game but we all know how that started. Then it was the arrogance of a certain dev which got the backs up of a lot of people and then the change in game direction from what was said the game was supposed to have been so maybe it wasn't just the game that has put players off but a number of things like abandoning this very forum the devs had taken feedback from to start the game and abandoning steam forums etc etc....... i really don't know but i am glad they are trying to sort this game out and i hope it isn't too late too late. I will not play the game at all until release, i played about 10 mins when the last update came out but that is my choice as the game for me is just not interesting or challenging at the moment and all of my clan members have dropped the game, we were a CoD4 clan playing in leagues right up until the end of last year so we were looking to pick this game up as our next main clan game but unfortunately it just didn't work out.
  4. I almost unistalled the game when i had this exact problem since the last update. Thanks WeAsOne, i will give that a try EDIT: Just want to confirm i clicked "Tune for: Performance" and it solved the dark screen issue for me and im getting a full 200fps. Thanks again WeAsOne
  5. Excel

    Update on progress please

    But on a brighter note, anyone seen World War 3
  6. Excel

    Vanguard 1944 - New Game

    Another WW2 game LOL Yes it looks good but after Battalion i won't buy another Early Access game. If they don't have the funding to finish a game they shouldn't be making games. I feel these game devs should be doing their best to make a game good enough for people to buy, funding should be at the game devs risk and that way they won't be so lazy as with kickstarter funded stuff they give up to easily and it's much less of a risk to them as the funding is there for them. It's free money to them to squander as they wish...... Bulkhead have proved this time and time again.
  7. Excel

    Update on progress please

    That is pretty much the way it went and is going. Look at steam discussion groups, zero activity from the dev's and even on the "ask a dev a question" forum not one reply to any question has been given by a dev. I guess this is the result of a dev team using other people's money to force a game in to Esports before making a game for the casual's, building a player base then enter Esports....... seems the most logical way to do thing's.
  8. Excel

    Update on progress please

    Yup thats exactly how they are going and well put tbh I forgot to add the link https://www.bulkheadinteractive.com/ Click on Studio tab and you see they have two offices, the statement on the Munich one (Darkhorse) say's...... I do not know if they are referring to B44 as their new game or they are working on yet another new fps game but that explains why they are not putting 100% into the game they promised to make. They spend more time expanding and possibly working on another game and all from the backers and a discounted broken game to everyone else. I know a couple of you have said "it's only a game" but think of the money they have taken from people to enable them to get to where they are today. On another note, Battlefield 5 Beta is out and is pretty awesome if anyone wants to try it.
  9. Excel

    Update on progress please

    I don't think it's a money issue as they have now split the company Bulkhead Phoenix (UK) & Bulkhead Darkhorse (Munich) not sure when this other office opened before or after EA though. I can see the companies figures have gone up in turnover and tbh i just don't know how you can fail at something, upset so many people and still make lots of profit LOL, the mind boggles. Soldat, yes i looked at Post Scriptum but again EA game, mixed reviews but that was on the day, i will take another look at it, cheers mate.
  10. Excel

    Update on progress please

    Hey Soldat, Sorry if you thought i was having a dig at you but i can assure i wasn't. I know you were one of many to stand up and tell the devs they were heading in the wrong direction so i know you personally are not a fan boy, that part wasn't directed at you and after reading your post i think you meant to use the word "abrupt" rather than "rude" so apologies for the misunderstanding. This game and dev team get me so frustrated because a lot of clans, including my own had a lot of hope for this game and i even gave BH so many chances to come good but we get nothing but let down by these guys but we all know the story, it's been written so many times. Thank's
  11. Excel

    Update on progress please

    @Soldat Ryan Sorry if you think having an opinion and being factual is rude but i'm not one to dress things up. Black is black and white is white, i owe BH nothing so if they or any fan boys don't like my comment's it's because they don't like the truth, get all defensive and say it's being rude. If you think that's rude you should see some of my other post's when im in a bad mood 😂 I turned my servers off 4 months ago, just wasn't worth having them running using resources better put elsewhere.
  12. Excel

    Update on progress please

    I have to agree with your post Farq-S. It's as though Bulkhead are letting B44 fade away whilst BH have moved on to other things. No idea what is happening but most people said it months ago, this game will be a fail but some disagreed which split the community immensely and Bulkhead chose to ignore the vast majority of people's concerns and question's unless they posted positive comments about the game and not to mention they abandoned this forum from what i believe is where it all started. I hate to be negative but i have nothing but negativity for this amateurish team, they took the money and didn't deliver, even to the point of closing servers in certain areas leaving a potential amount of players with a crappy game experience. Who wants to play with a stupidly high ping, is that not a bad thing for the game? Anyway, im fed up with Battalion and Bulkhead not being able to deliver what they promised, they are deluded enough to think people are going to wait around for a fully polished game when they can't even be bothered to keep in touch with their customers. This forums activity reflects game activity and i will never ever buy a game from Bulkhead ever again, i almost feel mugged into thinking this dev team and game was going to bring communities, clan's and leagues back to life because what they promised is nothing like we are ever going to get. I made a point to Joe Brammer on steam where he said "we are listening to the community and making the game blah blah blah" or something similar and asked him why BigTuna always post's "we are making the game we want" i asked which statement is correct and do they know what they are doing but i received no reply and yet Joe posted to other topics but ignored mine. Arrogant and ignorant is not a way forward for anyone especially in business.
  13. Dark is still hoping we go back to the future and EA was a success in February 2018 LMAO
  14. Excel

    Dedicated servers vs Rented servers

    Are you the same guys who provide my breakdown cover? Only ask because you make as much sense as they do.
  15. Excel

    Nvidia GeoForce recognizing...

    Geforce works fine for me with regards to recording and screenshots in Battalion but the game doesnt show up in my supported games list within Geforce. I had a quick search and Battalion doesnt seem to be in the supported games list yet. Nvidia Geforce game list