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  1. Excel

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    If anything it's good to see someone from the dev team posting here as well as other Battalion sites, maybe that's a first step in the right direction but maybe too little too late? only time will tell.
  2. Excel

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    HAHAHAHA i was thinking the same thing not so long ago. Seems the devs will lean to the side where praise is given rather than have to deal with any constructive criticism from people who wanted this game to work for the long term, it is easier to please easily pleased sheep.
  3. Excel

    How can i mod own maps ?

    Cool man, good news, so 50 players will be playing on decent servers by then
  4. Excel

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    They keep saying they know what they are doing but generally people who continually say that don't know or care what anyone wants other than themselves. Real shame really because so many clans and players were looking forward to a game everyone could play together again but no it is as clear as day all they wanted from the general public was the money to fund "their" vision and goals.
  5. Excel

    How can i mod own maps ?

    Great! 100 players will be able to play modded maps depending on the time scale Map Tools are released. How about Mod Tools?
  6. Excel

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    It is probably due to forum members here are more vocal and open in criticism which they don't like but that statement alone is a kick in the teeth to all here more so the kickstarter and backer guys. All their bug fixes etc posted are just repetitive, same things worded differently nothing more. Bulkhead do not like criticism, they do not want to change their game to suit the masses but they did change what was promised from the beginning just to get everyone's money to enable them to produce a LAN game for their own project interest. At least Dick Turpin had the courtesy of wearing a mask.
  7. I have just read a huge post on my clans website with regards to Battalion i then come here to Battalions official forums and nothing has been posted? I have no idea where our clan member got the post from but i was very disappointed not to have seen it on here......
  8. Excel

    Server connections lost poll.

    Sent you a DM Amigaman
  9. Excel


    Then why keep coming back? I think you will find the forums are full of "realistic" mature men and not a hopeful fat kid who just goes on about how good he is or thinks he is. The rest of your post is plain rubbish.
  10. Excel

    Battalion 1944 future.

    I thought the same thing but isn't post scriptum also made with UE4. will that game also feel clunky and rough?
  11. Excel


    on that test i got an average of 274 which is lower than the similar test i did but much later the previous night but it doesn't change anything, Battalion is broken regardless of reaction time's Wish you would read what people write because i said........ "my reaction times are consistently between 352 - 372ms which is the average reaction times for a 25 - 27 year old" which is what the test test results said. Try the test below https://www.justpark.com/creative/reaction-time-test/
  12. Excel


    Im happy to say at 50 my reaction times are consistently between 352 - 372ms which is the average reaction times for a 25 - 27 year old so i know it's not me being too slow......
  13. Excel


    You know this fact because you are 50 or over or, you just assume that's what happens in the same way you can assume 16000 players who no longer play were all 50 or over or the game in its current state is just no good....... i opt from experience it is definitely the latter with no assumptions. PS, Down vote was already there.
  14. Two months away from a big update for this game is such a long time. I have no idea why updates and patches are not pushed as and when needed as done by Studio Wildcard for ARK (which uses the same game engine as Battalion) Sometimes there were 4 or 5 updates a day but they did this as bugs and things were found and it kept the players happy and playing. I still for the life of me don't understand how this game is played in tournaments/lans when it is broken. They have the funding now so why would they listen. Just another game developer making promises we all wanted to hear but the reality is just the same as always. Even this "official forum" is dead.......
  15. Excel


    Ok, not arguing with a toxic know it all, have a nice day