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  1. I must admit to playing the new version the other weekend and it has changed a lot which in turn get's my hopes up once more. None of that laggy feel, colours looked better and the hit reg seemed better (think the STG is too op though) but it seems to be going in the right direction i think but is it too late?
  2. Excel

    Battlefield V back to WWII

    I am looking forward to B V, looking awesome 😎
  3. This ^ The update will make or break the game completely. If it's still no good i don't think Bulkhead or Battalion will recover but i await the patch and give it one final go before uninstalling it and learn from this experience and never buy another EA game again based on hype.
  4. Good for you for sticking around but 16200 people do not share your's or Zanes enthusiasm because most of us have our eyes wide open. I watched the old reviews and trailers of the game and it's nothing like what was released in EA. Even now i read a post on steam stating the next update is in July, conveniently just in time for some big esport event in Amsterdam with a 50k pot. Seriously guys, you really think they care about the players? think again. Bulkhead have missed the PC gamers trust and that will never come back but it will be nice to see a very small niche of 100 players (including you) playing a game everyone else thought was rubbish. It's nothing like CoD2/4 its more like CS:GO with some other games thrown in. I don't care for loot crates, coins or whatever crap they offer just wanted a back to basics fps as they promised but that is never going to happen. I know it's not but it's the sheer frustration of being promised something and getting something entirely different and the game is bleeding itself to death and all Bulkhead care about is esports and Lans. Do what i did last night, go back a watch some trailers and see what they advertised the game on then go see their recent posts about esports........ esports has been put first, that is their focus but how can that work without a player base? Bulkhead are not very clever to be fair and im embarrassed they have an office 10 mins away from me. Continue to support them and have high hopes but it will end, unless you get a console as that will be their next main focus. PS, I continue to post here because i want someone from Bulkhead to post here as they are active on every other format just not here, there's got to be something wrong with that.
  5. Sooooo, they bailed on their own "official" forum because a few people told the truth and hurt there feelings and they only want positive input because that's how you build a player base? errrm no but ok if you say so. 160 player peak is awesome, hope they make more skins and loot boxes to keep them interested Two key words here "bullshit" & "stupid" both words describe Battalion 1944 as it stands today and your attitude toward a fellow disappointed gamer who quite rightly shares his own views which incidentally seems to match the views of some 16,200 other players who also ditched Battalion...... Lets hope the next update brings back quite a few more players but Bulkhead need to step up their game considerably for that to happen.
  6. Actually they haven't left the forums, they just don't post here but the question is why and im sure they are mature enough to take criticism and learn from it instead of turning a blind eye to it. More interaction on these forums from an appointed spokes person from Bulkhead would have gone a long way. Seriously, what update? Nothing for 3 months at all, no patches for an EA game is deadly and they announce an update in July and we don't know what issues that will bring either so 4 months for an update the players lose interest and move on its bad business for Bulkhead and bad for the customer base. We have heard all the excuses from Bulkhead from day one and have taken that info onboard but it is just getting old now because the bottom line is they promised something they couldn't deliver and most if not all bought into this game after watching the trailer, the actual game play was nothing like it, make your own mind up about that. Just to add, im not a hater just a very very disappointed player who really wanted this game to work for all and wanted the dev team to listen earlier on, do updates regularly or at least on a monthly basis and at least reassure people on this site, post something even if its to show they are reading these forums.
  7. Actually Zane Bulkhead said they released EA early because they needed the funds then turned their attention to Esports so one can only assume they used the money to push lans and esport stuff. That is how it looks so people will comment on that, same as the latest update stuff, looks like they are spending more time on shinny stuff and animated things rather than put effort into making the game decent then add all the flashing lights after.
  8. That pretty much sums it up, can't agree more. The game, their attitude toward the (what were) fans generally just sucks. In short, you reap what you sow and Bulkhead are getting back what they put in.
  9. Yeah i hear you, im 50 and played CoD Vanilla, UO, CoD2 and CoD4 in leagues, CoD4 being the main one as a clan so Battalion was our next clan/league game but alas it didn't work out but with that said there is still 1% of me which thinks Battalion can still make it. Personally im not interested in shitty skins or fancy things like loot crates and crap just a pure game with accurate hit reg which can be played as fair as possible. They might be listening now but their main aim was Lans, probably for sponsorship deals or something but it would also be nice for the team to show some love to there members on this "official" forum, that would help us and them
  10. Problem with that is all my clan members have now ditched Battalion and are already talking about Black Ops 4 and the new Battlefield so it will be hard getting them to give Battalion another go which is disappointing as we put so much hope into this game being the next one we could play in leagues again. I think Bulkhead have missed their main target audience tbh but time will tell. Indeed it does and the only way this will happen is if Bulkhead start listening and make a game the players wanted in the first place.
  11. Thanks for the info, i stopped playing after the March patch
  12. Pretty much the same as this site then 😂😂😂😂 Are we talking about Battalion or another game because i don't recall any updates since the last one in March? I also thought Battalion update was in June not July?
  13. I don't feel the jumping around alone was an issue, well not for me but the accuracy the jump shot produced was. It made a a minority feel all pro all of a sudden 🙄 Bulkheads attitude toward the player base was a huge problem though and not giving what they promised was another problem and late and/or no updates in a timely manner pisses players off as they will just move on. Everyone understands Bulkhead is a small team but lack of communication and lack of transparency is simply inexcusable, makes you wonder what were/are Bulkheads intentions from the start? After a very short time i got the impression they just needed funding for their own project which was at the point i noticed a backtrack in what they promised the game would be and how it turned out. Traveling all over attending lans only hurt them in the long run as they tried to promote the game to wrong audience, the people who funded the game got some thrown together thing which turns out to be unplayable for most but that is on them. Bulkhead had a massive opportunity to bring the PC community together again and make it big but they blew that from day one and all we have is a glitchy csgo incarnation of shit. Hate to be no negative after being so positive in the beginning but thanks to Bulkhead i can only be negative about Battalion and i would never purchase anything from Bulkhead again.
  14. Lets face it, they had the backers money then tossed the backers to one side and started aiming their vision of the game toward the so called pro's which in my opinion was a dirty move. I luckily only paid £10 for the game but it's the backers i really feel for because i know quite a few paid a lot of money to see the game progress how they wanted it but Bulkhead had other ideas which have obviously failed and the reason for that failure is they didn't listen.
  15. Excel

    Graphics and FPS improvements

    Pretty much gives you an idea of their attitude and why the game has failed.