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  1. raine

    Nvidia ShadowPlay

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any plans for incorporating Nvidia ShadowPlay into recording kills, possibly last seconds of round, deaths? Seeing how well it's doing with Pubg, I can imagine this would allow for some great highlights and clips. If there will be the option to download demos anytime soon, that might be even better solution, although for simple outplays it might be a bit necessarily complicated.
  2. raine

    SSD vs. HDD

    Realistically, what would be the difference between having Battalion installed on SSD or HDD? As far as I can tell, the only difference I have experienced is loading time upon launching client and when jumping into a match. The difference was like 20 seconds. Given the game is well optimized already (not talking about server issues etc.), why else would you want to have the game on SSD? The reason why I'm asking is that I'm desperately trying to free some space on my SSD, so much that I resorted to putting Battalion on HDD. Having a bit longer loading time is fine by me, was just curious if it affected anything else for someone?
  3. Literally monkaS All good though, at least it's not dead around here
  4. Welcome aboard, soldier!
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    A frenchy on Battalion !

    Welcome aboard, soldier!
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    Hello from MARIOHERE

    Welcome aboard, soldier!
  7. raine

    Steam background

    Hey, this is nothing in-game related I was just wondering if there are any plans for creating and publishing some Battalion backgrounds on Steam for the profile background? I understand if it's not a priority right now, just thought it could be a nice touch and probably easily implemented?
  8. raine


    Welcome aboard, soldier
  9. Welcome aboard, soldier! Hope you'll find your old friends... or find new ones
  10. raine

    Rentable servers

    Hi, I heard there will be the possibility to rent community servers for custom games. I was wondering if there will be the option to alter any settings such as time limits, class limits, weapons - like sniper only match, etc. ?
  11. Welcome aboard, soldier
  12. raine

    Hi everybody

    Welcome aboard, soldier!
  13. raine


    Right, but seeing that the aim of devs is to make this game as much competitive as possible, makes it more sensible to balance things solely around competitiveness.
  14. raine


    Would disagree. The amount of times when I have actually downed someone just because a mate told me he was rushing or there was absolutely no way enemy could have known about me but killed me just because the one i killed before has called it, is ridiculous. For a competitive game this is gamebreaking in my opinion.
  15. raine


    No the problem is that when you die, you can see quite a lot during those 5 seconds (?) in death cam and you can tell your allies whether the enemy is pushing or goes certain direction...