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  1. blvckdream

    Game's Dead guys..

    Yes. There was cod4 teams in fnatic sk gaming etc. COD4 promod had a huge following and is still played until this day. I am not sure if Battalion has more players online than cod4 right now.
  2. blvckdream

    Game's Dead guys..

    I have the same issues today. Had the same problem yesterday.
  3. I dont know if you realize that the gun is fired from your hip/stomach area and not your face/above your head. You understand simple logics? But ok I give up. The game is perfect and if I get killed before I even see the other guy it´s totally fine. Not a bug, it´s a feature. I had 30 Ping. He had 40-50.
  4. Your screenshot proved my point. I had already taken damage when only his head was visible. Now unless this guy has lasers for eyes something is seriously wrong.
  5. Dude I watched it frame by frame in VLC and I was dead in the same frame as he appeared on my screen. There is no way that is normal.
  6. Nevermind my weird shooting. I get killed from someone I didnt even see. Not even his head was visible. Stuff like this makes it hard to play the game.
  7. I can´t tell what it is. I tried to get my settings to exactly what they were before patch but something feels strange. The game feels clunkier since patch. Were their any changes that could explain this feeling? It´s like moving and especially turning, accelerating etc feels slower. Aiming feels off. I also have more microstutters than before (didnt have that at all pre-patch). Right now the game is really not enjoyable for me.
  8. blvckdream

    Game's Dead guys..

    I noticed that on servers almost every game people complain about not liking it and uninstalling etc. Sure you have this in every game but in Battalion it´s a bit more common than usual which makes me worried. A lot of people just dislike the game for the corner jumping, one shots etc and then there is a large number of people that like the game but decide not to play because Battalion doesnt run very well for them. (crashes, bugs, etc). I think Bulkhead has a lot of work to do in the next weeks/months in order to make the game appeal to casual players isntead of just super competitive players.
  9. blvckdream

    Fix or remove the shotgun, simple as that.

    Why does adsing change the spread? What the heck? Can someone confirm that is actually true?
  10. blvckdream

    Fix or remove the shotgun, simple as that.

    look at this and tell me shotgun is op lol by the way that was from the same game... Was shotgun ninja nerfed? Or why do I manage to tag someone thrice without getting a kill? Or the first video. I shot him dead center at the chest while ADSing from about 4m away.
  11. blvckdream

    Minimap is over detailed

    +1 minimaps need to be like manorhouse v1
  12. blvckdream

    Fix or remove the shotgun, simple as that.

    Shotgun has more range than SMG? In which game? Surely not Battalion 1944. SMG range >>>>>>>>>>>>> shotung range. Especially Thompson
  13. I notice this vs low-ping players as well. Not sure if this is just lag compensation or something else. There is just very little you can do if someone jumps around a corner. Whoever peeks first wins in most fights. I sometimes think to myself something like "wow this guy must have great reflexes". Then the next round I am the one who gets to peek and kill him without him even shooting back. I have around 30-45 ping depending on the server I am connected to and what I described happens vs low ping players all the time. It´s kind of annoying because you constantly have to remind you that you can´t hold an angle in CQC and always need to be the one that is moving/peeking etc.
  14. blvckdream

    Soviet Union

    I didn´t see anything in the roadmap that would indicate adding the Soviet Union. I do think it would be cool to have the Russians in the game at some time. New weapons, russian style maps etc would make for a nice change of scenery. Of course this has to come after the game has been fully released and runs well.
  15. blvckdream

    For Day of Defeat Fan

    http://steamcharts.com/app/454350 The game started with 750 people. Now literally no one is playing the game anymore. Of course they can still improve some aspects of the game but the main problem is that Days of War is/was really bad when they started EA and people just didn´t enjoy playing it. It´s going to be next to impossible to bring all those people back and on top of that find new people who would be interested to play. I would have liked to play DOW every now and then but the game was just too disappointing.