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    I want my money back!

    The fact that it’s early access only means that they get some extra cash to develop the game as THEY want to. It has been proved several times that the game mechanics that most people dislike are here to stay and they couldn’t care less about people’s sugestions. HE has a vision for a game and he created it. It’s fair but if it means that he’s going to play alone then it’s not a good game. I wonder what is going into Square Enix’s mind right now.
  2. DIESELpower

    Where do you see Battalion in two years from now?

    Yeah, the first world at war was a fun game to play. Never knew why it didn’t took off. Maybe it was the slower pace compared with cod4. Anyway, kill streaks, attachments and ranking ruined those games and developers never noticed that.
  3. It wouldn’t be that hard to look it up. The answer is yes. Just go to their kickstarter and see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bulkheadinteractive/battalion-1944-pc-xb1-ps4
  4. DIESELpower

    Jump + zoom

    I never mentioned the jump shots in that part. I was just talking about the game feeling in general since CS doesn’t even have ADS. We’ll have to wait and see how this game goes.
  5. DIESELpower

    Jump + zoom

    MoH had a huge and successful competitive player base and it didn’t even have ADS. The fact that players have limited random encounter options doesn’t mean it’s going to be competitive. Players will rush less. Unfortunately I believe that this will be another rushing style based game with people bunny hopping, quick scopping and dolphin diving everywhere. I have a feeling that somewhere down the line you guys changed your path and are aiming to get some CS players instead of getting back the old MoH/CoD players that stopped playing after CoD4. The ones that got fed up of the even faster paced fps, the rank up system, unlocks and killstreaks. I have a question though. Do you think that people who plays a game like CS would ever leave the game for something that is somewhat close in gameplay? Maybe it’s me but I don’t see that happening.
  6. DIESELpower

    What is the FEEL of the game meant to be?

    Not BF but MoH, yes. I saw it in a video, I think, but you have it mentioned on this post description. https://www.facebook.com/Battalion1944/videos/1612145558852597/ The problem with trying to get players out of games like CS or Overwatch is that is almost impossible. Those who play them and like will never trade them for a new, unproved, game. Either you do something that is new - like what PUBG did - or you’re doom to fail... unless you go for a f2p system and then you’ll have those whom you don’t want in your competitive game. Promod player are most certain scattered around and some will return but not all but those who would could also return with the MoH and CoD1/2 playstyle and those old players would also return. I know I would (being one of the latest since I hated Promod) and many of my clan mates were talking about it. With this playstyle? I don’t think it will happen. Well only time will tell if they will have success or not.
  7. DIESELpower

    What is the FEEL of the game meant to be?

    Well, i wasn’t expecting a bf series since it wasn’t meant to be but I clearly recall the MOH & COD1&2 mention from the devs. This is nothing like those games. It’s faster and filled with quick scope/trick shots, bunny hopping and 100 meters Usain Bolt pace (ok, a bit of exaggeration on this one). This was never what the games I mentioned were all about and this feels like a ww2 COD4 Promod CS. In my book, that’s bad because it will not take players away from cs and it will not make the the old MOH/COD players return in masses because it’s not what they expected the game to be. People who played in the Definitive Leagues competitions in MOH like I did back then will find this game lacking and I saw many of them quit competition right after COD4 because of the faster pace and the trick shots. Back then, when you were a sniper, you had a purpose and that was to remove specific defensive targets. Now? It’s just a weapon that you can run around and to a quick flick and quick scope anyone. Players should be punished for running around. Make it too arcade and the player base will see this game as one to spend a few rounds and leave for something else that shows up with promises. Maybe they’re aiming for the “kids” of Promod, although I’m almost certain that they had move on, but I see little future in this.