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  1. Personally I find it rather bland that every bomb site so far is just a small crate that one can plant around as it was in cod 4, versus a larger variety i.e. from tanks to artillery cannons in cod 2, or from trains to a bunch of boxes in cs. Mostly because of variety in order to make the maps more interesting, but also because it allows more different plays/strats in terms of gameplay. What's the general consensus of the community on the current bomb sites? Do you prefer it as it is or something else?
  2. Unreachable areas: Generally I can understand if there are limits to where a player can and can't jump to avoid a some problems (i.e. jumping out of map), however I don't know if having invisible walls to block the path is the best way of doing it. You might have a spot that is clearly within the reach of your jump which also seems just like a regular position (i.e. on top of a box next to derailed church), to which you decide to jump on only for you to bruise your face against a wall made of air. It feels plain strange. I'd suggest to modify these sorts of spots visually so that they seem as unreachable as they're supposed to be, or make the clearly reachable spots actually reachable. Allied rifleman class: Having only played two days I obviously won't be able to remain 100% objective on this one, but having said that, I am not sure there's much of a reason to use this class. Garand itself might be a decent weapon, but whether it's decent enough to be picked over carbine that also receives both grenade and smoke for free is a different question. Nevermind the part that this class can feed free kars into the economy of axis. For the above reasons, I'd say that a buff could be in place for garand, perhaps some kind of extra wall penetration stat/value that makes it the best semi-auto weapon for wallbanging? Wartide grenade economy: Right now there is no way of replenishing the nade pool, which makes classes that receive free grenades/smokes seem more powerful towards the later stages of the game (Which is odd but not necessarily wrong, as default is the one that benefits the most). I'd suggest that rather than receiving nades directly free upon the selection of a class, you could alternatively choose to supply the team's nade pool with them. Of course, you'd still be able to keep them to yourself. Essentially this means additional options for how one can impact the team's economy, which should result in slightly increased amount of eco strat variations. Lack of elevated positions: Since I've only played two wartide maps, this could be entirely wrong once more maps are implemented in which case ignore this. Anyways, while derailed & coastal maps are nice layout-wise and so on, I feel like they're a bit flat, at least compared to oldschool cod maps. I think it'd be cool if there were just a tad bit extra elevated areas one could get to (i.e. a roof of a one-floor building), or some smooth long distance height differences (i.e. the way the roads on dawnville are pointed downwards towards the axis, or the roads in crossfire.) Alternatively, it'd be cool to be able to reach the currently some of the unreachable areas (i.e. something that seems reasonable like on top of a stone wall), but I've mentioned that one already. Looting weapons Having to find weapons off corpses has never been as hard as it is in this game. Frankly, it's as if they've got legs.
  3. janidsa

    Odd latency on EU servers

    Apparently swedish & estonian telia users also have problems according to someone in discord.
  4. janidsa

    Odd latency on EU servers

    Yeah, I am on Telia @JaGes
  5. Hey, I have an odd problem with latency on EU servers. I am from finland, yet my ping on EU servers is 150~, whereas on russian servers I get a decent 60. The problem doesn't seem to be servers being overloaded as most of the other players get the normal 20 to 80 ping, and it doesn't seem like it can be on my end either due to my low ping on everywhere else except for the EU servers (Unless my routing is off?) Any ideas what I could do? I don't find any games on russian servers so I can't play there.