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  1. exzz

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    I have GTX 1050TI and i get easy 200fps even with i5-2320 3.00 GHz
  2. exzz

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    I'm a CoD2 competitive player and im enjoying it a lot.
  3. Additing skins is a great way for Battalion folks to get some early income such as money, but if they don't look good or are annoying in some way, shall later on be removed from the game.
  4. exzz


    Ahh I thought you're talking about S&D competitive. Sorry, I didn't play CTF yet.
  5. exzz

    Still possible to get a key?

    Sent you one via PM. Have fun!
  6. exzz

    Character models

    especially when they run
  7. exzz


    Why would you even stay at the spawn while allies?
  8. exzz

    Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    Its possible to cancel reloading as I have tried it myself. But no reload shooting possible as in CoD.
  9. exzz

    Demo recording

    Good to know, thanks.
  10. exzz


    Well that was the dumbest quote ever, mate. I just replied as one of those who play on 1920. No offence.
  11. exzz

    Demo recording

    Hi developers, will there be a way to record demos or make them auto record replays like PUBG does? This will definitely be a great addition to the game.
  12. exzz


  13. exzz


    cya on the battlefield!
  14. Having phantasy in the developer team is a great addition to the game ofcourse. cya around