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  1. Arcaneshot

    Battalion 1944 future.

    The look of the game is within how it feels, it feels sluggish and like your playing on a calculator. therefor in videos when people are recording the game. it looks shit also ;/
  2. Arcaneshot

    Battalion 1944 future.

    i dont feel right being able to post this as i havent even logged on the same since about 2 weeks after release. i just felt bad seing there ads on facebook recieving so much hate. so thought id give you some advice. if the game really is struggling bad then from my point of view what id work on the most is how it looks and feels. because the game is good, we all like SnD for its competitive. however i disagree with the loud footsteps as bomb rotations were simpler in cod4 but never the less. games decent. the aspect of it anyway. wartide/connectivity/maps/guns is another topic. but the game looks shit. it just looks fuckin shit lol. i dont meen to be rude. but everytime i see some decent player upload frags on the game im just thinking this looks shit, its a good game so im dissapointed with this shitty look it has because its such a turn off. frag movies are unenjoyable too watch and in essense it just doesnt advertise well. everytime i now see the game it instantly sparks just a very unintrested feeling too play it. even though when im realistic it wasent that bad. still not coming back though for a while....
  3. Arcaneshot


    were too start. The card system, no offence is garbage. The main "free" class thats available throughout is essentially playing with a long-range pistol. it's not fun using them all the time. -"dont run out of cards" -"get skillfull with it" answer: I shouldnt need too. it eventually happens to every player. there not a fun class to use. coming back as a team with this class only is hard. the card system is bad. I shouldnt need to explain. cod4/cod2 was good because you dident have to stick with semi-automatic guns. We could join a promod and run around with an a.k / Stg or SMG. The round system. yes you want it like cod4 promod and that. but i personally think it was unfair then and it's unfair now. The sides should swap every round. Being on defence for 8 + rounds straight is definately an advantage. especially on this game when defending angles are a lot easier than the previous games that play like this. Maps. Domination flag capture locations seem stupid/unbalanced Tdm on "battery" is one of the most annoying matches iv ever played. and it's all i seem too play clicking arcade. literally two places gun fights seem to happen. the most awkward places aswell. Bomb angles. If you get caught running one way with trying too do a clutch on defusing the bomb. you've literally already lost. the other angle is so far away and there too easy to hold with the guns in place. e.g snipers. especially if your fucking stuck with a gewher lmfao. My suggestion would be. get rid of this card system. it's unique, not good. The time taking to crouch all the way to the card and then to the right bomb. is too long. 2 minutes as a round time limit is too short. considering the variables in place. - Difficult bomb angles/rotations. Noise on movement other than crouch. Card pickups. my suggestion would be to either; Make the time limit 2.30 or 3.00. OR remove the card system. (Benificial in more ways. appeals to players that want to use an automatic all game instead of a semi-automatic In an essense it's playing with a deagle at all times with a different model. Also a thing too think about. the Bomb locations. Derailed. if they have the bomb down, literally fuckin impossible to defuse the bomb. there's that many angles to check. not having the peakers advantage either. checking 5 different angles is solid. and if they've planted on top of the bomb it's even worse lmao. This post is too the admins @[CM] BigTuna gewher available 24/7 = cancer. The game has massive potential. but some things were not thought of in-depth. Iv literally been waiting for a game like this for years but i cba playing deagle only game. gl iv literally quit till i see big changes back 2 cod comp on console lmfao
  4. Arcaneshot

    bar/mp44 + kar98

    this isnt csgo. and second part wasent an answer to my question im wondering HOW the kar98k non-scope comes in to game on wartide. as some rounds it's not there and some it is.
  5. Arcaneshot

    bar/mp44 + kar98

    if bar is one shot headshot then so should the other teams heavy. that much is obvious. also any info on when the kar98 un-scoped comes into play? just see it available now and again not sure why or when its coded to swap with original
  6. 2v2,3v3,4v4 ladders please and will sign up! look forward to playing 2v2s! do you have your own servers?
  7. Arcaneshot

    Red dots

    tbh think they could do with a re-vamp. very unreliable the times they do appear seem way off to me.
  8. Arcaneshot

    ingame settings

    anybody know what texture streaming and post process does? and if they increase fps or not. post process seemed to be the difference between game working and not.
  9. Arcaneshot

    "Clan vs Clan"

    First off i think it should be called team vs team. 100 percent. Clan just sounds a bit cringe. I Would expect this too be something along the lines of how "Gamebattles" + "Cybergamer" work. A team roster to invite or remove players. Editable and customisable team roster such as team logo,team description & a link too each players profile. A team "record" keeping track of the team wins and team losses. Some sort of ranking system for individuals and teams. As you wont always be in one team. you'd need some sort of profile to carry along when joining new teams. An option to delete your current team / record and start again. Custom modes/rounds. An option for 1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4 and so on. I prefer playing 2v2s and 3v3s. So this would go far.
  10. Arcaneshot

    MEMORY fix?

  11. Arcaneshot

    Still possible to get a key?

    time does the beta end?
  12. Arcaneshot

    Lagging is OP this needs to be fixed.

    good shout.
  13. hmm. completely agree with zerocool22 on this one. they should have servers in every region. the petition response is abit stupid...
  14. Arcaneshot

    Battalion 1944

    got a chance to hop on and play some games. sat and played with 60 fps and resolution quality on like 50% and even like the lowest screen res lol. game was taking up mad amounts of memory. other than my shitty pc lagging the game it's self looks very promising. The response time on stuff is beautiful.(hard to notice with 60 fps ik) but it just has a very nice feel. i enjoyed playing the game. the maps were decent and the overall feel was nice. could definately spend a lot of hours playing on there. would be nice to see you stick to this level of gameplay and not sellout one day. I think what you should do is just keep on making and making maps. there should be no limit. who says have 12-20 only. looking forward to making some money irl and saving up for a pc to run this at a decent level. good job devs. the game is a work of art. about time a group of developers made a decent game. a question for the community. this early access on first of feb. if we buy the game is it available until full launch or a certain period only? im guessing its available until the full launch but im sure someone said the public access on 1st feb was like for 3 days again or something. anyone confirm? thanks