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    Battalion 1944 future.

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    Lagging is OP this needs to be fixed.

    good shout.
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    Battalion 1944

    got a chance to hop on and play some games. sat and played with 60 fps and resolution quality on like 50% and even like the lowest screen res lol. game was taking up mad amounts of memory. other than my shitty pc lagging the game it's self looks very promising. The response time on stuff is beautiful.(hard to notice with 60 fps ik) but it just has a very nice feel. i enjoyed playing the game. the maps were decent and the overall feel was nice. could definately spend a lot of hours playing on there. would be nice to see you stick to this level of gameplay and not sellout one day. I think what you should do is just keep on making and making maps. there should be no limit. who says have 12-20 only. looking forward to making some money irl and saving up for a pc to run this at a decent level. good job devs. the game is a work of art. about time a group of developers made a decent game. a question for the community. this early access on first of feb. if we buy the game is it available until full launch or a certain period only? im guessing its available until the full launch but im sure someone said the public access on 1st feb was like for 3 days again or something. anyone confirm? thanks