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  1. I crave battalion. No other game has been fulfilling my FPS needs since closed beta...
  2. I've noticed this in certain situations. For me, I think it is just a glitch, sometimes I am able to hit nice flick shots, other times my mind is boggled on how I missed.
  3. Who here remembers the days of blowin kids' elbows off on carentan 24/7? Tell me I ain't the only one who misses that lmao.
  4. Notic3

    This shouldn't be a kick

    I've encountered some familiar faces from CS:GO's community. Other games that are utterly failing with their playerbase are bleeding their playerbases all over this game. Sadly we're going to get a lot of edgy teens from all the hype.
  5. The 1.0 update would've been GREAT if it was a beta update... But Battalion looks smooth as butter and doesn't look blocky either so I'm super excited for it. I love smooth textures :^) I could only imagine how good this game will be going into Q2-Q3 2018.
  6. PUBG has been nothing but a disappointment for a vast majority of people wanting a true BR game, but again I was just using that as an EA example. The game had it's "full release" and still doesn't have proper netcode and optimization - this game looks like the complete opposite of that.
  7. As ignorant and edgy as the PC community is compared to console, there will always be those obnoxious kids who need to point out every flaw in every game. The amount of gameplay I've seen on this game has done nothing but show me polished gameplay and a very CoD2/CoD4 promod-y feeling that I enjoyed back in 2007-2012. Nothin' ya can really do about the haters. Edit : not to mention they aren't doing what CS:GO is doing by adding 10000000 different nooks and crannies to peek through and 100 different angles to wide peek and recklessly peek.... this game looks very smooth, optimized and purely based off of skill.
  8. I think the term "Early Access" is used too loosely. I don't think the amount of effort put into this game would make it your typical "Early Access" title if ya get what I mean. *cough* PUBG the disaster *cough*