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  1. the graphics card is loaded to 100%

    Sorry my fortune teller ball is currently broken may u can tell us a liitle bit about your system ?
  2. Best server hosting service

    Very suspicious that your domain is registerd under whois protection and there is no imprint.... can u prove that u have an offical registerd company? Or should we report you? I saw your server ip is and over ripe i see that the allocation is at ovh and ovh dont like fake or not registerd shops whitout a company. i also write a abuse email to ovh to check this if you are serious. ATM there too much fake hoster since bt44 release. so pls provide som data that this all is offical registerd
  3. Small Minimap Fix

    there was allready a post about this ...
  4. Need assistance with readyup

    Yea take a look at the "DefaultGame.ini" and search for "RequieredPlayers=8" and put it to what ever u want
  5. Game is too greyish, not colorful enough

    i dont know if its allowed but reshade can be your thing maybe or nvidia digital vibrance
  6. penatly for leaving server

    i think it should be like csgo: 1x 30 min ban 2x 2 h ban 3x 1 day ban 4x 1 week ban 5x 1 month ban
  7. How to set my server to ready up mode?

    Had nothing to do whit legend simpley read the wiki
  8. I would like to programming a rcon tool/client so u dont have to use ingame commands, but.... there is no support from the unreal engine 4 as far as i know hope the devs will implemet rcon as fast as possible
  9. Released! But....

    Game is now on steam but why we cant buy the first fight edition?
  10. Steam APPID of linux server files?

    thx question solved
  11. Steam APPID of linux server files?

    Im looking for the appid of the linux serverfiles. i allready take a look at steamdb but there is only battalion 1944 game listed not the server. is there anyone who knows it?
  12. Release time?

    5pm gmt
  13. recoil

    No it does not ....
  14. Colored Names / Tags

    Nah pls not (dont need another 10 years whit LSD KIDDY COLOR NAMES)
  15. Spieler gesucht (competive)

    Hey Blu3 you should write a english version in top of ur main text cause its disallowed to write only in our native language