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  1. I'd like to preface this by saying, I know nothing about balancing so.. take it with a pinch of salt. It's an impossible job to please everybody. I'd like to see the ADS movespeed on the heavy class the same as the SMG. I feel like this would help to make thee class more diverse, this combined with the up coming changes would help it cement it as a solid class. It would make it a great option to retake sites at diverse ranges. What do you guys think? Just an idea..
  2. mez

    Red dots

    To add, I feel the minimap is difficult to grasp other players positions. I feel like it could with a touch up.
  3. Interesting read and you make some very good points. Skill gap is an interesting subject and I've found it's difficult to put into words for this game so gj. I feel like for the maps, we will see an overwhelming amount come out when the dev team has time to focus on upping the map pool, then hopefully boil those new maps into a competitive pool. The community modders will be able to jump the maps leaps and bounds also, I'm expecting some community maps to make it up to the most popular. I really do hope that this game survives and has a consistent player base.
  4. mez

    Wipe / Hard reset upon release

    I doubt it, the full release won't be for a long old while yet anyway. You need to be level 10 to play competitive, so I hope they wouldn't
  5. mez

    MP40 or Thompson?

    Agree'd with you on the iron sight, that is one advantage to the MP40.
  6. mez

    MP40 or Thompson?

    I think they have their purpose similar to a shotgun. Yes, I 100% agree the Heavy class doesn't feel like it has a place, I'd rather go for the default over it.
  7. mez

    MP40 or Thompson?

    I can't help but feel the Thompson is the better weapon at close range it's rate of fire makes it unbeatable in the close up scenario. There is that much fall off that long range SMG shots aren't even worth thinking about.
  8. mez

    Smoke grenades

    just a video showing off what can be done with this kind of one way smoke.
  9. mez

    Leveling up

    Started to stick with me now, but only in dedicated servers. Community servers says you're gaining XP but it won't stick.
  10. mez

    Smoke grenades

    Interesting.. I wish I took a video earlier when me and my friends were testing. Literally my foot was in the smoke and I was under full 'smoke bloom'. The smoke was actually out of the map too.... mmmm.
  11. mez

    Smoke grenades

    I feel smoke grenades definitely need to be looked at. If you have a foot in the radius (of the smoke) your screen becomes smoked out, where as the enemy would see pretty much your whole body. It also feels that most smokes are one way, if you find yourself in the middle of the smoke your silhouette appears quite vividly to the enemy team. I've done a little bit of testing with it, and it seems quite unbalanced. (Imo)
  12. mez

    Battalion Wallpaper

    Glad to see other people getting involved! So hyped boys