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  1. Greenfox

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    You should care. Give respect, gain respect! Respect is everything! Treat others like you would like to be treaten! I do care. Because i'm not ignorant like you. I'm not toxic like you. I don't have a weak character like you. I'm not disrespectful like you. You should better take care. Cuz you just have one life. And you should better ask yourself how you want to be for others. Because you should not wonder if peoples just refllecting to your bad behavior. Wishing others dead or pain or however. Are you sick? How can you wish others such things? How old are you? *I see you have edited your bad language* You should better say sorry to all instead of editing and remove all bad things you have wished to others. Beat up your anger and give us your hand. Otherwise you will be treaten like you treat others. Think about it. Respect starts where anger ends!
  2. Greenfox

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    Peoples like you are not strong.. they are small in their character. Hideing behind their mask. Peoples like you destroyed the CoD franchise with their toxic behavior. I'm not here to tell "how dead" the game is. I'm here to tell the truth and the fact. And sadly the fact is that the game is not well alive. I have not gave up the hope to see this game much more alive again. But we need to be realistic. And the realistic situation at the moment is, that we need patience and a lot of trust into the peoples behind the Battalion 1944 brand. Unfortunately the trust is pretty much gone for 99% of players. Being toxic to other peoples here will not change or improve the situation of this game. It's normal to make mistakes during development. One crucial mistake in my opinion was to release the game way to early. And with release I mean the EA release. The game is not dead because peoples playing. Do you know "Days of War"? THIS game is dead! And NOT Battalion 1944. https://steamdb.info/app/454350/
  3. Greenfox

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    Numbers speaking. You can say whatever you want. - 16771 players at the beginning of EA - 97 players in average still continue to play - 0.6 % still playing in average - 99.4 % lose of players in total since the EA start Source: https://steamdb.info/app/489940/graphs/
  4. Greenfox

    Battalion 1944 future.

    The netcode tweaks had no specific impact to the hitreg. The only thing the devs did was to adding some icons.. which no one really needs. That's all. There is no significant improvement compared to the last update. Hitreg is still a mess and the TTK (Time to kill) is still very long. It's ok how it is if you want to play for fun... but if you want to play competitive and because of performance...then you need a much more improved netcode. If the game have issues to register your actions in a frame of 10-20ms... then it's a mess. 10-20 ms delay might be not relevant enough for casual and fun players. But at semi-professional and professional level and in general at competitive level... it's big difference between "get a point" or to "not get a point"...it's a clear limitation that is not allowing to play properly at a competitive level. Because every millisecond is very important in eSports. It's about to get points and win.. and not only about to have some fun. That's the difference between just having fun and between playing serious because you need to qualify for a league or however. So you need a perfectly working game to make this real. Give Hamilton a F1 car with transmission issues... he will not win a GP race for sure. Although he's 4x world champ. He will not be able to win.. not because he is not skilled enough... rather because the car is limiting him because it has some serious issues. Same for Battalion 1944. Still a lot of work for the devs.
  5. Greenfox

    Battalion 1944 future.

    You kidding? Best hitreg? Look at this: Is this the best hitreg you've came across?
  6. Greenfox


    Nope... i'm a 26 years old Fox... a green one.
  7. When I was little Kid I had no PC. I played a lot of reallife adventures. But when I was older I played a lot of Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Commandos, SWAT 3 and Spec Ops.
  8. Greenfox

    Battalion 1944 future.

    It's not about how the game looks like or how "ugly" it looks like. It's about the core mechanics. Peoples haven't leave the game just because of the look or because of WW2 scenario. They have left the game because something is really messed up with the game. And I can promise you... it's not the look of the game itself.
  9. From over 16000 players since the beginning of the EA....just ~220 in average still play this title. That's 1.4%. That makes a lose of 98.6% in general to the maximum player amount at the beginning. Numbers and facts speak a different language. Sad fact is.... not even 5% continue to play this game. We would need at least an average of 800 players per day to gain the 5%. Which is not the case.
  10. It's frustrating.... I thought that the netcode update will change something to positive... but it's the same or at least it feels like the same thing before the update. The TTK is really bad. And the hitreg is a simply a nightmare. Little example: I just saw an enemy (<2m distance). I just shoot (I've heared my shoot) + I saw blood on his face. But I died anyway. I used a trench gun. How can it be that I just heared my own shoot and saw the blood on my enemys face but he didn't died?? I hit him from less than 2 meters inside a house and he still survived and shoot me. On the other side peoples with >200ms ping don't need to hit properly to hit someone. The hitboxes are lagging as hell. Bunny Hopping is still a smash to this game. Instead to pick the enemy with good aim... most of the players just jumping around to avoid being hit. I don't wonder why player numbers getting smaller and smaller. I'm not a hater....I like the basic idea of this game.... but make the game a proper eSports title and not a game where bad TTK, movement, bunny hopping and hitreg is still the "normal thing".(I get killed in easy standard situations way too much where I could survive in other shooter games... this is really frustrating). I'm not a newbie to shooter games. I have 4k in CoD2 and 2k in CoD4 + ESL + I was top 40 competitive player in Insurgency. (Maybe Insurgency made me autistic in Battalion 1944 how knows? lmao) Well... the core mechanics of this game need to be changed heavily or this game will lose it's last players.