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  1. UnderTake eSports is Looking for + 2 EU players for our Battalion 1944 Main Line-Up we will be playing online cups and tournaments and eventually UK/EU LAN events we are made up of the following players please get in contact with us if you feel you meet the following requirements.-> WiZ[A]RD-> bRENNN-> Whhaayy-> ?-> ?YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18YOU MUST BE ACTIVE AND WILLING TO PLAY AND PRACTICE TO A SCHEDULEYOU MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISHYOU MUST HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE / MENTALITYYOU MUST HAVE PREVIOUS ESPORTS EXPERIENCE COD2/COD4 PROMOD AMONG OTHER FPS ESPORTSplease get in contact with us via Steam Discord or EmailSteam | https://steamcommunity.com/id/sickwizardDiscord | SickWizard#3668Email | undertakegg@gmail.com