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  1. Final Results: 1st Place: Inept 2nd Place: LiMiTLESS 3rd Place: Team iN2ITION , HYPER Congratz to all the teams, thank you for participating to our cup!
  2. Today is the day people! Go and Sign Up!
  3. Thank you guys! A small prizes update here: 1st Place : 1 Month B44 12 Slot Gameserver by freegamehosting.eu (Premium Server) We were hoping to find some prizes for the rest of the places too, but in the current game state believe me it's really hard to find some sponsors.
  4. devR-

    Game's Dead guys..

    I really do not know why people hate this game so much. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON Btw, i sent you an email at esports@bulkheadinteractive.com. I know you people are too busy, but i would love to get a response.
  5. devR-

    Pretty Bad FPS.

    I really do not know what's wrong with the fps issues. There are people with worse PC than you and have stable 125 - 150 fps with a gtx 660 and an old i5 CPU. Me and my friends also have the same issue with the fps. My specs: FX-6300 (I Know it's bad cpu atm) GTX 1050 2GB 8GB Ram 1600MHz SSD 120GB And with Full HD resolution and everything else on LOW i get about 70-120 fps really unstable. Both my friend's PC specs: Ryzen 3 1200 GTX 1050ti 4GB 8GB RAM 3000MHz SSD 120GB And for them to get 100-120 stable they have to put everything on LOW with really LOW resolution too. I feel like this game needs a lot of optimization and the reason is not that we get so low fps, but some people with worst hardware than us are getting a nice and stable 150FPS for no reason. For example, i have a friend of mine with the below specs: FX-8350 RX-460 8GB Ram And he has stable 125 fps with really small drops not below 100 fps. Also as i mentioned above i even read some comment ( i don't know if it's true or not ) that some people here are with gtx 660 are getting even 200 fps. How is that even possible. Anyway i hope it gets fixed and all of us will be able to get atleast 120-150 fps stable.
  7. *** EDIT I made a mistake with the time and changed it.
  8. After the success of our first "test" ONC, we are ready to keep going with our second ONC for Battalion 1944. We are currenlty looking for someone who will be able to stream some of the matches, if you would like to help us out you can pm me here or in discord. Prizes: 1st Place: 1 Month B44 12 Slot Gameserver by freegamehosting.eu (Premium Server) 2nd Place: - (We might find something) 3rd Place: - (We might find something) Date and Time: Cup starts at 25/2/2018 and 15:30 GMT. Check in starts at 15:30 GMT. Round 1 starts at 16:00 GMT. Because in the previous cup we had some people that got confused with the time, please check this link. Some Information: It is only for European players. Gamemode is Wartide. Format is B01, and B03 for final. Join our discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/fAtzdmE For the first-timers: Every team should have atleast one representative with TAGS ON in our discord server. When the time comes for check-in the captain of the team will have to go here and press the check-in button. Always take screenshot of the final score and post it in #score-report discord channel. We will provide you with a server if both teams do not have one. How to register: Make an account here : http://www.challonge.com Create a team Click here and Sign Up your team to our tournament. And you're ready! Useful Links: Cup Page Rule Page Server Config FreeGameHosting
  9. Hello people! Syphon Gaming is looking for a streamer to support our future events. Please if you are interesting to be a part of our team as a streamer PM me for more info. http://www.syphon-gaming.org
  10. Bump! Cup Starts today! Check In: 18:00 - 18:30 GMT+2 Start Time: 18:30 GMT+2 Sign Up here: http://challonge.com/syphonb44onc
  11. Already posted everywhere thanks tho!
  12. Hello people! We are hosting our first cup for Battalion 1944 this Sunday. Entrance is free and the prize is not that big but this is more like a test cup for us. Most of you do not know us but since 2011 we were casually hosting cups for COD4. Everyone is welcome to join and have fun. Prizes: 1st Place: Battalion 1944 Premium Gameserver 12 Slot for 1 month by FreeGameHosting.eu Cup Infos: Region: Europe Game Mode: Wartide (Competitive) Format: BO1 Format for finals: BO3 We will provide a gameserver for teams that don't have. Cup Schedule: Check In: Feb 11th 18:00 - 18:30 GMT+2 Start Time: Feb 11th 18:30 GMT+2 How to Join: You must be registered at http://challonge.com Create your own team. Sign up to our cup here. All that's left is to check in when the time comes. If want to broadcast our cup, feel free to add me on discord: devR-#6621 Join Our Discord Server More info Syphon Gaming FreeGameHosting
  13. My opinion on heavy weapons. Heavy Guns: 1. 3 hits should kill at any range. Now it is 4 hits. 2. Headshot for me should deal 98 dmg. 3. Bar is a really bad weapon which everyone evades from taking, too big too slow too bad aim. I don't know what devs should do to fix it, maybe find another weapon to replace it.
  14. devR-

    Balancing, higher time to kill (ttk) on Smgs

    My opinion on weapons: Rifles: They are really good, balanced and strong. Heavy: Worst weapons out there, BAR is totally trash most of the times i prefer default over it. I think they should buff their dmg, 4 shots to take down someone ? There is no point to pick them since for high-range/mid-range rifles and snipers are better and close range smgs and shotguns are better. Shotguns: Fire-rate is so bad, it should be really slower. As it is now, even if you lose the first shot you can make up for it with the second shot because the fire rate is too fast. Smgs: Really good for me , i only want thomson to have more bullets than 20. Snipers: The nerf made them balanced, they are okay for me now.