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  1. Pando

    Polish & Hungarians

    Hello Aussie! <3
  2. Pando

    Hello from Germany

    Grüße aus Ungarn mate! Still love your Language!
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  4. Pando


    I Understand thanks! Anyway... I like Gasmask. I hope I can Wear. Like M75 or GP-5
  5. Pando


    And I must pay for the DLC-s or Loot Crates?
  6. Pando


    Thanks for Support mate! Yeah, you're right, but under outfits mean like German Fallschirmjäger / Afrika Corps camo. Americans also have camoflage outfits. And Russians etc... But okay, I understand you.
  7. Pando

    Polish & Hungarians

    Hello friend! I just sayin' Hi to everyone, but I made this topic cuz' I want to make together this two country! You can tell about everything... Your gaming story, or whatever you want... Your IRL Name, etc... I'm Kristóf!
  8. Pando

    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hi! Kristóf Hungary Arma / DayZ Gamestar (Hungary)
  9. Pando


    Hello Soldiers! Sorry for bothering you with this topic, and first of all... Sorry for My Englisch! I know something about Cosmetics. I mean, your character can wear a different helmet or something like this right? So, I have an Idea about this. I know, this is not the most important thing in the Game, but I like customize my Own character. And I happy to see the other players identity, like a flag or something. I thinkin about Armbrands. No, I don't want to use that "bad" symbol... I mean, flags or Team logos you know what I mean. And about the helmets... The all of the Axis member (almost) have a same helmet. German M35; M42 Stahlhelm, but with a different "Symbol" Like Spanish or Hungarian flags... So we are here, Can I have some question? Can you Customize your helmet? And how? Or will different "Models" for the Axis and Allies power. I show you what I mean, I attach some pictures. Thank you! And Sorry agian!