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    steamcmd overwrite

    Hello. For me the problem with overwrite is not just DefaultGame.ini but also BattalionServer.sh where I must change name to start file because is not existe... I mean: from ".../BattalionServer-Linux-Shipping" to ".../BattalionServer" Always after update I need to do that...
  2. Hello. Everyone talking about "KICKSTARTER" people and some skins, coins etc. I want to ask what with people who help to EA by "Humble Bundle" ???
  3. Hahaha, GOOD ONE ! I'm not't Choose ONE, I was choose BAT44
  4. Don't worry be HAPPY You have acces always :D, beta is just two days
  5. Yes, that was before, like to alpha 0,7 i guess
  6. Exacly... when Alpha is not Running, then you don't have acces to play yesterdayy I had some issue with battalion, this same what you write right now, and was enaught to wait for Update from battalion side.. Unfortunatly yesterday whas late like 30-45min