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  1. Tuxip

    Dealing with Toxic Players - Recent Players List?

    or just do a blacklist system to not play with him again
  2. Tuxip


    i play since the beta and i never saw a cheater in any game i played and they might just heard you when you running cause the footstep are very loud in the game so you can heard you pretty easily
  3. welcome buddy
  4. So you want to find a sensitivity that is good for you ? So to help you to find you perfect sensitivity i calculated the average eDPI of all pro battalion players that i found on this website : https://prosettings.net/battalion-settings-gear-list/ so i convert all sensitivity to 400 DPI and i got the result : the average sensitivity used in battalion is 3.88 so the eDPI is 1554 . how to calculate your eDPI ? : your sensitivity X your DPI = eDPI | ex: i play with a sensitivity of 2.45 and my DPI is 500 so i do 2.45 x 500 = 1225 eDPI i convert for you the 3.88 sensitivity in the most used dpi : 400dpi : 3.88 800dpi : 1.94 1000dpi : 1.552 1200dpi : 1.29 1600dpi : 0.97 your DPI is not in this list go there to convert to your DPI : http://www.csgosetup.com/fr/dpi-calculator/
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    i agree 100%
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    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    Welcome Buddy
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    scythe AKA zwaardvis

    Welcome Buddy
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome buddy see you on the battlefield
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    Smiley Cod1 duder

    welcome buddy
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    Sprinting needs to be removed

    i come from cs and at the beginning i would say the same but i learn to deal with and i do it know so i don't think its unbalanced i play with the kar98 witch is bolt action and i spring jump around corner and i'm able to kill the enemy same when they do it to me sometime you die because the other play he's just better than you or you have a bad timing well i don't thing its unbalanced just learn to deal with its in the game mechanic
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    Checking in

    Welcome Buddy see you on the battlefield
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    Hit the battlefield with Nitrado!

    Welcome Buddy