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  1. sKarTix

    Game's Dead guys..

    when i play, i just scrim all the time. and i like it very much but the fact is correct, there is nothing to do for "casual" players. unranked is a realy realy bad joke and arcade is boring. its just terrible to reach lvl 10 for me... when i found game there is 0-9 with no cards anymore. much fun but Overall, its a great game and i love it and its waaaaaaaay to early to say its dead.
  2. sKarTix

    Planting Reward

    hello guys, i dont know if anyone got a idea like this, or there are allready changes from the devs.. but what about a planting reward? i mean, there is no realy sense to plant except the time pressure. ok the time pressure is a very big point but for example strategies like fake push on b and plant on a in a kind of "eco (default) round", or for broken teams which want to get back into the game with moves like that. it would bring more options for strategie and tactics into the game. i was thinking about like plant = +1 nade, +1 smoke what u guys thinking about that?
  3. sKarTix

    Player classes on scoreboard

    100 % agree i would bring it to the board on my own, but i dont want to hurt your eyes with my bad englisch
  4. sKarTix


    i dont need more recoil to love this game. but i would prefer to get a bit more recoil.
  5. sKarTix


    thank you for link. it Looks great <3 hyped AF
  6. sKarTix

    What keyboard do you have?

    i use logitech G710+ and i love it.
  7. sKarTix

    Ideas on the new menu/interface

    it looks good yes. but im not realy care about such things tbh. but the timeline (or something like that) is a great idea! i would like it to have it ingame
  8. sKarTix

    Battalion Wallpaper

    i like the first one and will use it. thanks for the work man
  9. sKarTix

    Derailed and Coastal Feedback

    i just love coastal. but i only played 3-4 times. i agree on the derailed problem for the b spott. sometimes it was just frustraiting. but i guess, often it was our own fails.
  10. sKarTix

    Colored players on the minimap

    y i also would like something like that.
  11. sKarTix

    Rate the beta (1-10)

    8/10 it was pretty well for a beta.