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  1. hi since last update i've been noticing that my game reset my config settings, but in the settings menu they still the same as i want, the game looks maxedout but the settings still on low ... but its random... sometimes config reset at launch, sometimes don´t, sometimes at every new map....
  2. Nobrez

    Battalion Wallpaper

    another one by me
  3. Stand at -- rest!!! Hello ! My name is Luis "nobrez" Nobre, I'm 26 and currently living in Portugal. Im a former Moh, cod1, cod2 and cod4 promod player. I played a lot of FPS like a casual player, but competitively only cod2 and cod4 promod, Lan, esl, clanbase, etc I'm really enjoying it, finally a game that brings me the nostalgia of that times, and makes me feel like"i want to play more and more, to improve my skill and etc" .... its really satisfying and funny to play, like the old times....ohhh nostalgia again ..... spending hours testing nades wallbang spots, tactics,and a lot of funny moments with my clan-mates... . I have really big hopes for the game and I'll certainly dedicate a lot of time playing it, unfortunately now i have to balance my time with my people, and my artist life. But i will dedicate a lot of time playing it, probably like a casual player this time. Congrats to all the people that makes me feel this, once again in a game! Congrats Bulkhead for all!!! for all the work for believe and make it real <3 See u all at 1 February !! -NobreZ!
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    All skins

    i dont know, but today brammer talked about it on twitch livestream and show this page
  5. Nobrez

    All skins

    u can see all the skins in here https://battalionskins.com/#!