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    Auto-Kick For Toxic trolls

    Yep as above just report them via social and you can select whether it's for text chat or voice. Info in another thread on here shows that some people are being banned for toxic behaviour (which is a good thing).
  2. plusONE Jumq

    Game's Dead guys..

    I was surprised to see a lot more feedback / interaction on Reddit than these forums lately. I'd be less inclined to post any issues / bugs or similar on there.
  3. plusONE Jumq

    The LAN announced - questions

    I'm not seeing a huge issue with the costs, and the PC rental is less than I was expecting. With the game in its current infancy, any lan / event is likely to be positive in terms of exposure and may enable some real world gorilla testing at an early stage, before a higher profile event takes place at some point. Costing just under £300 for travel, entry ticket and PC rental sounds about right for an i-series event. Then you can use a local supermarket for food and drinks on a budget, or splash out on takeaway if you're able to. Events will always work out a bit cheaper for those who live closer, and dedicated TUP tournaments usually cheaper again - it's just the nature of the beast. Historically speaking, i-Series was seen as a more relaxed and regular event and as such, the advertising was never really through a huge launch. It caters to a lot of community, low and mid tier players as well as some higher / top teams. In the past not a huge amount of top teams tended to make the effort to go (with the exception of i33 maybe). It's always been a bit more expensive than European events (in terms of COD) with a lesser prize pool / incentive. Maybe people already knew the above, maybe not, I thought it might be useful incase some people think this is some attempt at a huge competitive lan to thrust Battalion onto the world E Sports stage. Whereas from my point of view, it's just the next instalment of i series where there'll be a chance for people to participate in one of the first Battalion tournaments, which looks like a good place to test and nice timing too.
  4. plusONE Jumq

    Mixed reviews on Steam

    I don't think it's really fair to leave a negative review when the game is only a few hours into Early Access, it's part of the point of the EA, find and fix the issues. Hopefully its improved for tomorrow / the weekend. Have spent 3+ hours trying to get into a game and only managed it with a party of 3 once, on a community server. It seems no server in the list is able to host more than 10 players, so it's kind of like a large bottle neck - fingers crossed for a quick remedy.
  5. plusONE Jumq

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    The game still isn't finished, it's still not out of Beta and already there have been a raft of updates mentioned in the development blog this week. For example the changes to accuracy of jump shooting around corners etc, changes to speed / classes and running with pistol out and not to mention the economy aspect of it still being adapted. It's clear to see the inspiration from COD2 in the game and some of the weapons. People expecting a remake or carbon copy of COD2 or COD4 are both going to be disappointed, but that's more to do with their expectations imo. This game certainly isn't a COD4 or promod clone, there's a fair amount of differences, it'll be it's own game, in it's own way and I'm sure we'll see that more and more the further we get into Early Access. My advice would be to provide some solutions for any issues you note, or ideas, post them and the Devs will read them. It's clear from their latest update post that they've listened to alot of feedback from the community so far and have implemented it. So now is as good a time as ever to recommend changes you'd like considered.
  6. plusONE Jumq

    Pre order dedicadet server.

    I ordered ours a short time ago this evening from multiplay
  7. plusONE Jumq


    I may well adopt the same approach and cap mine lower for the meantime Decisions decisions of whether to build a new PC or not as the core components of my system are a little tired.
  8. plusONE Jumq


    What kind of FPS are people getting playing on 2560 with Ultra? I play with 1920 but everything on low for higher FPS and better visibility for competitive play.
  9. plusONE Jumq

    Veteran PC COD player giving my thoughts

    There was a massive scene in COD/UO/COD 2 (especially in the US) for CTF, and although there was some overlap with players from S&D, it was almost like a second community. In essence doubling the numbers of active players in the competitive / ladder community. Although I agree that at the 'top of the scene,' in terms of competitive play and LAN competitions etc, it'll be S&D staying true to form.
  10. plusONE Jumq

    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Howdy folks. The progress and developments so far look great. You'll have a few old members of the COD2 /COD4 competitive scene dropping in for the Early Access release (with a few days booked off work!). Looking forward to a proper return to FPS gaming.