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  1. Hey, guys! My name is Petroslav, and I am an ex semi-pro Counter-Strike player from Bulgaria. I have been a heavy FPS player since 2004, starting with Quake 3 Arena and then moving to Counter-Strike 1.6, where I competed at a top level for 5 years - winning many local tournaments (ESWC, WCG qualifiers, ESL EPS Pro Series and many more). Then I moved on to CS:GO, where I competed for a bit, but nothing major (played for a couple of teams for ESEA, CEVO and some LAN tournaments). Honestly, for the past couple of months I don't have the right motivation to grind the game. I needed a change and a new challenge - and that's how I discovered Battalion 1944. I got really hooked on it and thankfully I received a beta key. For me the game not only lived up to my expectations - it exceeded them. Since I am a competitive person, I am really motivated to try out for a team. I speak fluent English, and I can fit to any role necessary (except for IGL at the moment). I am a very calm person and I don't rage. Highlights from the beta: Contact me: https://twitter.com/mythr0x http://steamcommunity.com/id/mythr0x/ mythfilmz@gmail.com
  2. Hey folks, As the title suggests, I think it would be awesome to have a section in the forums, where we can share our fragmovies from the game. It would be a great community boost in my opinion I know there's reddit already where you can do that, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have it here also.
  3. Fnatic Gear RUSH with CHERRY-MX RED
  4. Myth

    The Twitter game

    Well, I guess I need to apply for some slower key giveaways ... In other news I believe this game can be the next king of the fps genre. People need that kind of a game, CS:GO is becoming sh**, the new CoD is not that good imo especially the maps.
  5. Myth

    The Twitter game

    I tried one of the keys 15 seconds after the post and It was already used.