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    aLive from VA

    Hello fellow Virginian, Springfield checking in
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    Strafe jump poll

    The lack of proper labelling the jumps in Battalion as "bunnyhopping" drives me fucking ape shit since there are basically two things which qualify as bunnyhopping: 1. Bunnyhopping as in the original CoD1 release where the first month or so there was no cooldown/reset for jumping and people were hitting jump over and over and over to bounce around the map like a fucking superball. 2. Bunnyhopping as in CSS and to a far lesser extent CS:GO and 1.6 where the proper combination of keys and movement in conjunction with jumping allowed the player to essentially bounce off the ground and use jumping to increase in speed and propel themselves around the map beyond the maximum runspeed. Simply strafe jumping around every corner as an advantage to surprise and get easier kills/make yourself harder to hit is jump shooting and strafe jumping, not bunnyhopping. WIth all of that said, I don't like it in this game. Others have insinuated that it's low hours players who feel this way, but I have 100 hours in this game and it doesn't feel any better now than it did at the start. Anyone who has played all the CoD games knows that for one, sprinting wasn't a feature in CoD1 and Cod2, but was introduced with the CoD1 expansion UO, partially due to that game being made by a different development studio entirely. Components of UO were incorporated by IW for CoD4 which is why and how we got the sprint/strafe jumping mechanic for this game. CoD2 movement gave players zero options to accelerate a jump, no sprint, no boost from strafing or crouching. Movement was more basic along the lines of CSGO. I understand Bulkhead wanted to add some interesting jumps and skill based movement mechanics to this game, but I don't personally find constant jump shooting to be enjoyable and would rather some other movement mechanic were introduced and maps/jumps were altered slightly to discourage the huge amount of corner jumping.
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    Matchmaking is broken

    I don't know what the problem is for unranked, but my friend and I have experienced the same exact issue, just getting endless "searching....allocating server....searching....allocating server". I don't have a theory for why this is happening. We have our ranks for the competitive matchmaking, but we can't get a game outside of Europe (We're NA East). It will sit on searching literally all night. We were searching for 45 minutes the other night before we gave up. We played a few games with Euros and had ~100 ping the whole time. We still have 2 placement matches left to go. My theory has been that everyone already completed their placement matches and the matching system is segregating us from those who already have a matchmaking rank, so as the few players playing B44 in NA all got their ranks, the pool of players still completing their placement matches has become smaller and smaller to the point where we have literally nobody or not enough people to play with. Combined with the fact that other players can't reach rank 10 because you get no XP from public servers and the unranked matching system appears to be horribly broken, even players in NA who WOULD play placement matches can't because they can't even get to rank 10. I'll find out tonight when we (hopefully) complete our placement matches on the European server. I'd suggest trying to use the matching system for EU if you can bear the ping to get to rank 10. This might be a completely incorrect theory, I have no solid proof of what's happening here so this is my best guess for what's gone wrong. I'd say a developer could come in and enlighten us but they haven't been very communicative on these issues over the past week or so.
  4. My theory is that all of us have to complete placement matches still and the game segregates out players who have already attained a rank from those who are still doing placement matches, so we're attempting to connect with a small and ever shrinking pool of players in our region. Anyone here can confirm or deny if they wish, I have no proof its just a guess.
  5. I'm having the exact same problem in NA. My friend and I have been trying to play this game the past two nights. Just searching, no matches on Unranked, Arcade, and Competitive. If we switch to EU servers we get a game immediately. What the fuck?
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    Tone Down Main Menu (Darker)

    I think that Bram has mentioned that they have a UI overhaul scheduled to be completed and delivered by Q4 of this year. I'm not sure if they will release the option between now and then for people to go with a dark version. The current UI always appeared to be a placeholder to me, but for whatever reason it doesn't hurt my eyes. Practically everyone I play with has complained about it being ridiculously bright and blinding them so hopefully they come around soon and give you guys some relief.
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    Bolt action for every team

    This is the reason why the Americans are not a great choice. I'd have loved to see British and Germans because they match up much better with the Enfield - k98. Soviets and Germans match up. British and Italians match up. Pretty much everyone matches up with the exception for the Americans because of the M1. The G43 in reality was an answer to the SVT both of which were similar but simply not as mass produced as the Garand or considered the main battle rifle of their armies. The G43 shot 8mm Mauser the same as the k98. The SVT shot 7.62x54 the same as the Mosin. The Garand shot .30-06 the same as the Springfield. We could say add the Springfield, remove the Garand because we don't care about historical accuracy, but in reality what I really want is a game where I don't just use the Thompson or MP40, the BAR or the STG. I want to have the STEN, the BREN, the PPSH. I want other factions. I want other locations, I want other weapons. That was much of the charm of CoD and CoD2, and I think it's lost a bit just pitting Germans vs. Americans.
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    Competitive Goes Live

    You force solo queue only and I quit. I'm not playing a game where my friends of 16 years cannot also play with me, especially given the fact that I absolutely despise and want nothing to do with the larger community of mouthy douchebags and retarded children. If people who are solo queueing become sad because they're getting their asses kicked by a premade then that's tough shit in my opinion. Suck it up and make some friends or shut up and play the game. My friend and I duo-queued our way to GE in CSGO, and beat plenty of pre-made stacks along the way. If people are worried about their rank and the fact that they're more likely to lose against a team, then scale the XP so a loss vs. a team affects you less than a loss vs. other opponents, and if you are afraid not enough people will solo queue to fill in those gaps, slightly raise XP if you win while soloing. Then again, most matches aren't 1's vs. 5's. Are we still considering it unfair if a team of 3 solos and 1 duo play against a 4 man and a solo? What if their solo goes 0-24 and your duo sucks but one of the solos goes 40-5? IMO its a waste of time worrying about fairness beyond simply handing out ranks. Play the game. Make friends and stack or don't. You know what solo queue is.
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    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    Why does nobody know what bunny hopping is anymore? I swear to god I've seen it misused more times in the past two weeks than at any point in my entire life playing pc games. Jump shooting is the problem everyone is upset about. Bunny hopping is the ability to perform another jump quickly after the first with no cooldown. Anyone who played CoD1 will remember the first few months when there was no cooldown from hitting the ground and people were literally bouncing around like basketballs. In other games like CS bunny bunny hopping with certain keypresses and movement inbetween could be leveraged to accelerate a player beyond the normal runspeed. The thing everyone hates is jump shooting. Launching your player model around corners like Vince Carter going for a dunk and shooting someone while also setting an olympic record for high jump and long jump simultaneously. This is made possible by two things: First- the movement mechanics added to the game to give it movement depth and create skill jumps for positioning on maps between objects, second- the accuracy of one's weapon while in the air. While the latter was reportedly nerfed after the closed beta it certainly does not feel that way. The first issue presents a problem for simply removing jumping or altering how it works: the entire game and most maps are based on the current movement system and fucking with the jumping fucks everything else. The second issue should be discussed- what should the viability be of shooting while jumping? A few solutions come to mind from other games. Some games institute near-total inaccuracy at anything other than very close range while jumping ala CS with most weapons. Some games institute an inability to fire or aim down the sights while not firmly planted on the ground. Others institute a severe frozen in place movement penalty for when your player model lands, meaning that if you go for a jump, you might get your 1st kill but you are 99% going to get traded while your feet are stuck in the mud. Jumping isn't the only movement system problem to tackle in my opinion. Who here has actually looked into your visibility level while leaning? I remember reading there was a peeker's advantage in this game and I find that to be completely false. Lean peeking a corner is in most cases complete suicide. Your head and torso are visible to the defender holding a flat angle while on your screen you're still staring at a brick wall. Strafe peeking isn't much better, and if we're going to discuss jumping as a problem we need to discuss why it is that 99% of players are electing to jump around corners instead of lean peeking them. Jumping might not even be much of an issue in itself in its current state if players had viable alternatives for peeking an opponent. As it is, it's the most effective way to give yourself an edge so players are going to take it and everyone is going to focus on it as the actual problem when the problem might be at least partially that there aren't better alternatives. While we're on the topic of movement, anyone who has tested crouch peeking quickly from behind an object can also tell you how op this can be for gathering info. A lot of people aren't doing it yet, and it works best if you hold crouch instead of toggle which a lot of people don't, but popping up for info and re-popping up to take shots happens more instantaneously on your screen than your opponent, meaning by the time you are yourself standing and taking a shot, your opponent sees just your head or helmet and then dies. Since you're re-crouching so fast you don't appear to fully stand on the other player's screen and are quickly back in cover and extremely difficult to hit. Going prone is accurate 100% to the ground and hitting prone with a gun such as the M1 garand for example gives you 100% accuracy without ADS at basically all ranges while going prone with a BAR or STG with no ADS is still suicide, so there are strange weapon imbalance quirks there. We still have very little recoil as well, something players have been asking for and people have ceased talking about with the jump discussion. You could up recoil while jumping and make it difficult to land shots beyond your initial burst with an SMG or MG, but this wouldn't really mess up bolt players and shotguns.
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    Americans vs. Germans

    I really wish this game was not set in 1944. This is coming from an American. I know its just a historical setting, etc, etc but the best things about CoD1 and CoD2 were the Russian and British factions, for a number of reasons. For starters, this opens up the various settings and theaters of war for interesting map locations, different architecture/levels of destruction, interesting weather, etc. Some of the best CoD1 maps were ones like Railyard, Depot, Harbor, Stalingrad. There were great UO maps like Sicily, Stanjel, Arnhem, etc. Then in CoD2 everybody loved Matmata, Toujane, Villers-Bocage, Leningrad, Moscow, etc. Sure, some of those I listed are in France or the low countries, but we've also got places all over Russia, North Africa, the Balkans, Italy, etc. Then there's the weapons. I don't have to go into detail for why the M1 and k98 don't balance well against each other like the other bolts could. The Mosin-Nagant was my favorite weapon in CoD, and the CoD2 Enfield was up there. For every army you could bolt, and being a bolt player for my competitive teams, it was a particular point of pride and my favorite thing about the game. I don't know if there is room for Russia and the British in the B44 roadmap, since a 1944 setting puts the Eastern front charging through into Poland, North Africa as captured, Italy as stalemated at the winter line, most of the interesting historical settings for later expansions are already over. Perhaps this could be the first game to expand backwards in time, and I'd love to see it because I'm honestly sick to death of playing Americans in France in WW2 games.
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    Game's Dead guys..

    For some reason I continue to be surprised at the lack of patience with a game, the inability or complete unwillingness to research, read, or comprehend what something is before purchasing a new game, the refusal to understand what "Early access" is, means, and is intended to do. I must be fucking retarded tbh at this point to continually be surprised when people who didn't know what this game was supposed to be bought it blindly, played it for 1.3 hours, gave it a steam review saying "game's trash", asked for a refund on steam, then- in the first act of anything other than complete and utter laziness, go out of their way to shill against the game everywhere they possibly can, as if their lost 1.3 hours and refunded 14 dollars was the worst experience of their lives, and the developers of this game personally came to their house and shit on their dinner plates. I will never understand people's motivations and thought processes in this regard, and normally I'd simply say "good riddance", but the biggest inconvenience in life is perhaps that we need the retarded masses to fill up space so the rest of us can get on with doing the things we want to do. Such a pity.
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    Dealing with Toxic Players - Recent Players List?

    Yes, this makes me think of something a friend told me about DoTA2 (any dota2 players can confirm of deny the veracity of this). I believe that you give teammates a rating for how good or bad they were (as teammates, i.e. toxic or not) and after a lot of people giving you negative you would essentially start only getting matched with other players with similar ratings, so all the more or less pleasant non-toxic players rose up and played together, and all the shitheads sunk down. They have a similar system with karma on ESEA. The only problem is of course spiteful players will abuse these ratings so it would have to be a pretty long trend to take any action.
  14. If you spent money on a kickstarter as a way to somehow get a cheap deal on a game, you're doing it wrong and completely missing the point of kickstarter. It's a fundraiser platform for ideas. You either like the idea and give it the amount of money you think its worth, or you don't. If you back the project you're giving them your money and saying "go make the thing you're saying you'll make because I want it to exist". Then when it shows up you're going to be upset that they're putting a low selling point on it, because you gave them more money in the kickstarter campaign? If all you wanted was to purchase the game, it makes absolutely no sense to back a kickstarter campaign for it unless the campaign were to explicitly state that if you get in now the game will cost $10 but if you wait until its released it'll cost you $20. I've backed a few games on kickstarter in the past and I've never seen any developer make that claim as a gimmick to receive funds, and I did not see this group do that either. If for whatever reason you DID back the kickstarter for the proper reason- you wanted a competitive FPS in the mold of older CoD games, then it should be good news that the game is on sale for such a cheap price, since a niche competitive based multiplayer only game which has to compete with something like CSGO isn't going to survive a week on steam if you sell it for a high price. You see all the people flipping tables and going ape shit because an early access game *gasp* has bugs and problems on release? Imagine now that they paid three times what they did for this game. The amount of butthurt would be amplified tremendously.
  15. Hello B44 community, we're a small group of friends between the ages of 25-35 who have been playing games together for a very long time. Past games for our players include the CoD series, RO2, BF, TF2, MoHAA, Squad, and some others. In the past many of us competed at high levels on CAL, CEVO, on LAN etc. but we're not really interested in listing achievements nobody remembers from 11-15 years ago. What we are interested in is having a good core of players who love competing and want to play the game. We used to have a larger core of players, but over the years people drifted away for the usual reasons: school, family, careers, relationships, losing interest in gaming, etc. For those of us who remain, while all of those things are important to us, gaming is also our biggest hobby. What we're looking for: Someone who has a passion for gaming and is an active player Someone we don't have to message or prod to come online, hop in discord, and play games with us on a given weeknight, i.e. someone who wants to be here and play Someone who is competitive like the rest of us and would like to play in leagues and tournaments as time permits Someone who is preferably around our age group (25-35) give or take Someone with an easy-going personality who enjoys hanging out and shooting the shit What we're not: We aren't going to be the practice 7PM-1AM 5 nights per week team. We've all been there and done that. Some of us have kids, most of us get up early for work. While we typically play at least 3+ hours from M-F, we're not going to kill our personal lives for a game and don't expect everyone else to do the same We aren't going to be extremely worried about whether or not we attain the highest status in competition possible. We're not trying to go pro, we're just trying to play our best and win. We're not a group of people who will fracture apart and disappear. We don't want clan hoppers. Some of us have known each other and played together for 15 years at this point. If you're currently playing solo and would like a group to hang out with, get good at the game with, compete with, etc. hit me up on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198152875749/ We also have our own server at the moment, and hope to start setting up some 10-mans in the coming days/weeks.
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    Active players decreased by 50%

    I have a friend on my steam list who messaged me. He is a CSGO player I helped out a while ago who has worked his way up from basically silver to an ESEA rank A pugger with decent RWS. He has never been good at a different game. He saw people playing this game and bought it to try it out. Within 4 hours he had determined that the game was bad because he couldn't break even in any of the matches he played and he refunded it. Another person in my server the other night was going on and on about how the game's shit because he has 2700 hours in CSGO and is a Global Elite but he was repeatedly dying to me and was mad at himself. I asked him why he should be mad at himself, since he should not expect to do all that well simply because he's a CS player. I used to be CAL-IM and CAL-M in CoD2 and CoD4 and this game was much more comfortable for me and easy to pick up. I wouldn't just wander into CSGO and expect to routinely beat an ESEA-M caliber player. This sent him into an autistic frenzy. I think a good portion of people who tried this game out in EA were mid tier players from CS or other competitive games who know they'll never be a CSGO pro but figured this new game is supposed to be competitively driven and its based on CoD which is clearly easy mode when compared to CS, so if they switch games right now they'll just be instant pros and rape everyone. Then they join a server and some 30 year old former CAL player hops around a corner and bolts them in the face and they screech like banshees and smash that refund button. It's probably a mix of that and stupid people who for some reason thought this game would be something different from what it is, or think that early access means "final product, bug free and set in stone".
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    Scope Sway NEEDED!!!!

    I disagree. I hate the random number generator feel of an artificially swaying scope or crosshair. It's a nuisance more than anything to have to fight some randomized movement pattern. There are or were plenty of other games with one shot snipers that didn't have a swaying crosshair. MoHAA snipers come to mind (they were amazingly fun), CS AWP probably the best known sniper of any competitive shooter. As for your statements specifically, why is it a problem if someone is holding a corner with a sniper? Is that not the intention of a sniper rifle? Why should other players have the luxury of running around any corner they want without needing a 2nd thought for who might be watching it, about to shoot them? In MoHAA every good player learned how to bait out a sniper shot coming around a corner and it wasn't overpowered, you just needed to learn an additional skill to stop something from happening and stay mindful that a sniper will punish you if you are haphazardly running around the map. I have to strongly disagree with your solution to nerf snipers to make it only 1 shot kill to the head. What would be the point of a weapon with a scope on it that fires 1 bullet at a time and can only kill with a headshot if you have 15 bullets in the default gun and it too is a 1 shot headshot killer? The incentive for playing the sniper is that it's actually useful for something. If it becomes a weaker version of its unscoped bolt action self, it will be effectively meaningless and never chosen. If you nerf the regular bolt to match it they both become pointless in favor of the defaults, and half the community revolts because everyone loves the k98 unscoped. I think it would be okay to make a mechanism where you move slightly slower while scoped in, and movement causes the scope crosshairs to become blurred much like in CS, but as it currently is I don't really see what the urgency is to change it.
  18. saLz

    does report function work?

    I'm trying to remember CTF spawns back in CoD2 and I think they worked like this: There are spawns on either side of the flag more or less, spawns on each team's side of mid, and on the left and right sides of the map. If no team has the flag, the spawns will be based off which spawns are controlled by which team in terms of having bodies in them. The base line spawns near the flags will never flip to the other team under these circumstances. If for example a team takes control of the middle of the map and is effectively holding down 6 spawns, the other team will spawn in one of two locations. If this happens, the opposing team will spawn on the side of the map where there are fewer players from the other team. In other words, if you control 6 spawns and hold mid, but have more players stacked to the right side, the other team will 100% spawn in the one back spawn corner on the left side of the map. If I'm not mistaken, this is how good CTF teams in NA back on CAL like dT and A51 used to run cap trains on teams and blow them out 20-0. | S F S | | | | S S | | | | S S | | | | S F S | If you had the flag however, the spawn priorities changed. It was then a combination of location of the flag (or enemy flag runner) and positioning of your teammates. If you held the 6 spawns and picked up the enemy flag, ran it back right side, if you had zero players in your back left spawn I believe it was possible for them to spawn there as long as your flag was in their top right zone. Moving to the middle right zones would force their spawn to the middle left zones. If you kept a player controlling those back zones however, I believe the best the game would give you was a middle left spawn diagonally opposite of the middle right spawn. None of what I'm saying may make any sense to anyone, but I'm pretty sure this is how CTF used to work. I have no idea how it works in this game as I've not had a chance to play it yet, but if its not working this way then the spawn system could possibly use some changes.
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    Generally irritated

    Re: first line, I see you've never played PUBG 32 GB of RAM and I still would get random crashes every once in a while due to memory leaks. As for the rest, I recently built a new PC with a Ryzen 7 and 1080ti with 32gb of RAM. I can confirm that the game loads very quickly and closes very quickly. I've noticed a large difference between myself and friend I have who are using an HDD vs. SSD. As another poster stated, you might not meet the min specs on your processor. It could be a combination of factors from a needed upgrade at CPU, an SSD, and the need for the dev team to make some optimization tweaks. I hate using that word, since "optimazation" is frequently a buzzword for a vague suspicion players have that the game isn't running as well as it should be, but it could be part of it which is to be expected with a game that's being released to a large playerbase with differing equipment and setups.
  20. Positive aspects of Insurgency I'd say were fun game modes, though not necessarily competitively viable I did enjoy VIP and things like that. I liked that smokes were large and mostly effective, and the game physics were reliable for grenade throws jumping, etc. I felt that contrary to the intention of the developers, the game flowed way better as a very fast paced game much in the way that RO2 did in Countdown modes. While many in pubs or other settings didn't realize it, actually running, moving fast, having some boldness/taking risks was typically rewarded if you had the skill to back it up and capitalize on it. Likewise if you had a high enough level of skill you were equally capable of shutting down fast play. This is something that I think Battalion does quite well in forcing aggression. I did like that contrary to the current state of Battalion, jump shooting wasn't really possible or rewarded, which is a topic that the community is addressing pretty heavily on these forums right now. I could live with how Battalion is, but I felt the movement system in Insurgency and other games like it made for more balanced gameplay. There were also a few maps there which had good design elements. I won't say they were great maps with good layouts for competition, because I don't think they were quite there, nor were they intended to be, but with a few changes and tweaks I could see a few Insurgency maps being excellent competition levels. I'd say the last positive was that the development team for Insurgency had put together fairly reliable hitboxes which were true to the player model movement, I didn't ever feel like hits weren't registering when they should have been. I feel this is one aspect of Battalion which I've run into a couple of times to the extent that I've started streaming it just to have a replay of what I was doing and whether it seems I truly missed or not. I've been shot while already behind cover more times than I can count thus far which is something I can't really say happened to me in Insurgency. I'm unsure at this point if it's an anti-lag measure, netcode, or hitboxes dragging behind a player model like they used to do in CS.
  21. I played Insurgency after release a few years ago. A number of former competitive players from a variety of games were trying to put together a community and start competing in NA. We were holding weekly draft tournament nights and assembling teams for TWL and beyond (since TWL was all there really was for NA along with a very slow to come together attempt by ESL which was mainly catering to EU). Here are my experiences with that game, perhaps some things have changed but I somewhat doubt it: 1. The game developers were vehemently opposed to allowing the game to be shaped for competitive play. One member of our community was in contact with them, and they came into teamspeak and discussed some thing for competitive play. They had their vision for the game and it did not include making it competitively viable. They felt if competition happened, it needed to happen on the terms of the base game, but the base game was not conducive to interesting competitive play that could ever become something beyond a niche/tiny community on life support which would die from the slightest change of the wind. 2. The game itself was broken in many ways. For example, since we were very limited in what settings were available to alter for competition, certain features had to stay in the game. This meant that all competitive players had access to the head/chest armor in game. To top this off, the game was centered on the idea of "tactical realism" with which I'm sure you're familiar. That means that if you were unarmored, 1 shot would kill you to practically anything from practically any weapon, which in itself is funny since in the search for realism they created a game in which players drop stone dead forever from a pistol round to the leg. Speaking of legs, we tried to plead with the developers to give us the ability to remove certain loadout items such as the armor, or apply it uniformly to the whole player model, which was rejected. While wearing the chest/head armor it took substantially more bullets from certain guns to kill a person...if you were following the rules of reality and aiming for the chest. My team was following the rules of competition and taking whatever the path of least resistance was for a kill. In this case, since the body armor did not apply to the legs, a player wearing armor was a 2+ shot kill to the chest, and an instant kill to the legs. The developers, by denying the flexibility to make the game competitively viable created a scenario where we were playing matches shooting at the other team's kneecaps for insta kills because everyone was wearing armor. This was far from the realistic feel I believe the game was intended to convey. 3. This is just my opinion, but you stated earlier that supreme/global in CS have a hard time with the game. For starters, supremes and globals in CS try to waltz into ESEA all the time and get absolutely destroyed in pugs or on the open league. That rank is not indicative of true competitive players so much as being a solid player on ESEA is. With that said, as a person who has competed in MoHAA, vCoD, CoD:UO,CoD2, CoD4, CoD:BO, BF1942, BF:V, BF2, BF:BC2, TF2, Brink (bleh), RO, RO2, RO2:RS, CSS, and CSGO as well as Insurgency I would like to report that I and my friends had absolutely no trouble at all mastering Insurgency, and the only reason we left it was because what we were trying to do was not only not supported by the developers, but actively undermined at a point (they figured out we were using exposed RCON commands to alter certain game settings to make things more competitively viable and released a patch which shut down that avenue). I am not judging them for having a vision and sticking to it, it isn't our right to turn their game into our game. I will judge in the sense that I think it was shortsighted since the game felt like a quality game at heart which could have been made into something good longer term. Now in terms of your basic point with your original post, I highly doubt that this community at large is interested in what you refer to as "tactical realism". That isn't something you or I can prove conclusively, and I don't have researched supporting evidence, it is simply an opinion. Another opinion I have is that tactical realism is a pipe dream, and while there ARE certainly players who have played a lot of different styles and simply prefer that one, which is a respectable position, I've found in my personal experience that more often than not militantly adhering to the church of "tactical realism" is a poorly disguised crutch to for people who are unable to cope with multiple styles of gameplay. I am not accusing you of this at all, I do not know you, but I do know my experiences with communities of players who subscribe to your school of thought have been uniformly this way. I remember moving to RO2 and being told that CoD skills were meaningless, it was a cartoon game for small minded idiots, and the real challenge was in games such as RO where guns had recoil, movement was not quite as free, weapons behaved in a more realistic manner, and there were fewer things on your screen to help you (no health meter, ammo meter, crosshairs, minimap, etc.). I was told that I would get blown out by the tactical realism elite for playing "stupidly". When I got deeper into the game I realized that tactical realism in their case was a euphemism for proning on a hillside for 45 minutes in a territory server trying to pick people off 400 meters away and going 3-3 but being super "immersed". Meanwhile my team came in, joined the launch tournament for RO2, blew out every team and won #1 in North America and a cash prize. We moved quickly, knew how to run and gun, out-aimed and overwhelmed quite a few tactical realism teams on the way there. I thought it was an excellent game, perhaps a bit too simple to kill somebody for my tastes but I really enjoyed it. It too was killed competitively by developers who had a vision and absolutely no sense of how to foster a competitive community which would ever grow beyond just a tiny niche. They found and cater to their market, good for them. I liked what they had to offer but if I wanted people to do competition right, I'd just go play CS instead. In terms of Battalion, this game is the CS alternative many former CoD players have been waiting for. As much as people hated me and my ilk for coming into Insurgency and trying to shape their game to be different, I reckon a number of people here have had the reverse scenario with people from the "tactical realism" or "immersion" camps who would like to hijack Battalion and steer it in the direction they would like. As much as I and other competitive FPS players failed to succeed with Insurgency I can guarantee that a tactical realism effort will fail to succeed with Battalion. The only thing which worries me is that while the militant Insurgency developers to an extent withheld the ability to mod their game in our image, I doubt the bulkhead devs will do the same with theirs, meaning you will eventually get your tactical realism mod and set about attempting to fracture the community and drag people into your camp which of course always means a lower infusion of new bodies to the default competitive mode. Somehow Counter-Strike was always immune to this, but any game set in a specific historical setting invariably falls prey. I think this may explain why you are unlikely to receive a favorable reaction on these forums attempting to sell the community on what you enjoy. If you actually read all of that please know I do not mean to come off as snarky or offensive to you, I'm just trying to state what I see matter of factly, I wouldn't want to accidentally give the false impression that I'm trying to insult someone.
  22. saLz

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    This is a question asked ad-nauseum in the CSGO community, and the real answer is: You need to use whatever settings are most comfortable to you and work the best for you. With that said, there are proven good ideas and bad ideas. Over the course of multiple games with pro scenes it has been proven time and time again that the most successful players generally play with what is considered to be "low" sensitivity. Low or high sens is a relative term- for the uninitiated to competitive play it means one thing, for those who have competed seriously it means another. For example a pro CSGO player who is considered to have a high sensitivity would be someone playing at 400 DPI and probably anything above 3.5 or 4 sens in game (assuming windows 6/11, etc, etc). A low sensitivity player would be playing at 400 DPI and perhaps somewhere around sub-2 sensitivity. I think this game lends itself to higher sens values, and the unreal engine vs. source engine does not scale the same way but it seems many of the battalion players on the site you listed fall around 400 or 800 DPI, and between 3-5 in game sens. Again, you are not necessarily wrong to want a high sensitivity, but there are reasons for why players play like this. It increases your precision, increases your consistency, eases the burden on your muscle memory and widens your margin for error and ability to correct. What I mean by that is, 1/2 of an inch of movement on your mousepad is a small amount. It's easy for your brain to fuck up and have you over aim or under aim. With 400 DPI and 4 sens, that 1/2 of an inch might move your crosshair a bit off the player you're shooting at but you can recover. At 3200 DPI and 4 sens, your fuck up by 1/2 an inch on your mousepad and you're suddenly looking at the sky. Your muscle memory and hand control has to be so perfect and subtle. In my opinion that's unrealistic to expect to always control correctly, especially in a twitch shooter when you're in a 1v1 with adrenaline pumping.
  23. Thank you for the well thought out post, I think there is some valuable discussion to be generated by this. I played IM/M in CoD2 and 4 respectively, and enjoyed being a 3 time "made the playoffs and couldn't get out of open" player on ESEA in CSGO, so I understand a lot of what you're talking about. I wanted to examine a few points: Regarding map layout, I agree with you. I think that the basic traditional layout for a great competitive map is [Long A] - [Short A] x [Mid] x [Short B] - [Long B] where x indicates a connection and - indicates an isolated attack path with the defensive team having some sort of back line rotation area. In maps Derailed for example we have a similar setup in concept: Long A, short A (tunnel next to long A), mid, short B, and long B (through cinema). The problem is the sites are quite disconnected. There is nothing attaching short B to mid, so the B players are 100% isolated from the rest of the map. So for example, as a player on Mirage in CSGO who is doing a B split take up cat and through apartments could bail and run underpass or back down pass through mid to the A site, if you're going short B on derailed and you want to bail out and go A, you have to either take the site and push through to the german spawn, or essentially return to your spawn side of mid and try to regain half of the map control. It's a good map, but I think it could probably use some layout tweaks to make things more interesting competitively. My second point I'd like to bring up is one that I don't believe you touched on: set nades. This game employs the CoD2 nade throw mechanism. Jumping at the end of your throw animation increases throw distance, adding a minor skill barrier to throwing set nades. Once you pass this barrier you realize that you're basically Peyton Manning and can throw nades 100 yards at will. Sticking with derailed, I'm sure many are familiar with the set nade down mid, but others are probably less familiar with the fact that you can set nade the other team on a rush to Long A from the German side, you can nade them attempting to peek the short A tunnel. As Americans, you can actually time a perfect set nade to deny their exit from double doors into the B site. There are few things I hated about the old CoDs more than set nades. You will notice this boring part of competitive gaming is not part of CSGO - at least not really in the sense of 1 throw 1 kill start of the round nades. In CS 1 frag at your feet with full armor takes a good chunk of health, yes but it does not kill you unless it dinks your head armor and then explodes which is uncommon. In order to totally kill/deny rushes you must stack your nade with another teammate's grenade which is a decent sized investment and takes away having a frag to hit players who are planting bombs. This mechanic is used because it is competitively uninteresting to be good at set nades. It does not show skill as pretty much anyone can be taught like a trained monkey to throw a set nade. What it shows is game knowledge and perhaps (at least right now) the willingness to do your homework on the game and stretch it to its limits. Set nades quickly become known in competitive communities. There is 0% chance your super powerful game breaking rush killing set nade lasts beyond the first season of a league, the first big tournament, etc. before every other team has seen it, learned it, and incorporated it into their gameplay. Then at that point, you are not actually doing anything skillful but rather chucking the obligatory nades at the start of the round and seeing what turns up on the roulette wheel. That makes for a game which is unexciting to play and to spectate. Anyone who played CoD4 can recall what a nightmare certain maps - GOOD maps with great layouts were because of nades. I still have PTSD from dodging exploding cars on District, and even Strike was pretty prone to ridiculous set nades. I think this should be ended. Set smokes? Good. In CS most set nades are in fact set smokes with some pop flashes and perhaps some set mollys, but all of those things are to aid in disrupting the defense and giving the attacking team a better footing to enter a site, not simply there to get kills for you because you guessed right and threw something. While I'm on the nade topic let me mention one other thing with another topic you mentioned - the card system. Why do some classes by default come with a nade? Why does the shotgun have a smoke, why does the STG/BAR have a frag? I'm honestly not sure. There is a nade pool. Personally I believe it has too many nades to start, and I also believe it is a detriment that they are never replenished by something. As you had mentioned, there is no loss bonus as in CS. The loss bonus was necessary to stop runaway matches or forcing teams to eco for 4 rounds just to have a good buy, and it works very well. I like the concept of the card system, and I'd like to take your loss bonus idea one step further. I've noticed a few times in this game that as soon as the last player is killed, I cannot plant the bomb. Even if I'm partway through the bomb plant, I can't finish it. In CSGO, you get different amounts of money for winning a round by exploding (or defusing on CT) a bomb vs. killing the enemy team. You also get money for planting the bomb at all. This means that on eco rounds, it is important for the team which is saving to try and get a bomb plant, as it will give them extra money to play with in the next round. I think that planting the bomb should reward the team which did so with perhaps 1 additional of each nade or perhaps even 1 additional of your lowest card (whatever you have the fewest of). That way, there is always an incentive to plant the bomb or a reward for taking a bomb site and getting it down, even if you win the round via elimination of the enemy. Also, let's talk about hunting kills. Say there is a 4v1 for your team, you took the A site and have ample time to plant, there is not a good incentive to do so. The 1 guy alive might have a valuable card he could save, and there is practically no drawback to hunting. In CSGO if you hunt a guy 4v1 and he manages to kill 2 of you before he's taken down, that could potentially be something like $7400 in economy damage if he took an AK and armor off each of you. If you lose an AWP hunting, or you had a rifle, armor, and nades the cost increases significantly. Now instead of losing 7400 lets say an AWPer died and a rifler with full nades died hunting. That's 5700 + 4900, you've now effectively lost $10,600 trying to kill a guy, so you have to be careful about what you do and when you do it. In Battalion, hunting is not punished. You have a 4v1, lose 2 guys killing the other guy. Your two remaining players pick up the cards from your two dead players including the card from the guy you hunted. You started this scenario with 4 cards, and in spite of the fact that the guy you were hunting punished two of you, your team leaves the scenario with 5 cards. There is no way to recoup your own team's money losses in CS, and I think that benefits the game by changing player behavior to something a bit smarter. I have more thoughts but I've already written an essay so I'll leave it for now.
  24. saLz

    OTT Jumping

    You don't need to type in an aggressive and condescending tone to me (as you have to everyone else in this thread as well), I don't really appreciate it since I've done nothing of the sort to you and this is supposed to be a forum for reasonable discussion. With that said, the way you worded that sentence makes it sound like you're saying the developers of this game have changed the weapons to accommodate strafe jumps and essentially trashed bolt rifles. A simple clarification of what you meant would suffice, if we've both been playing games since vCoD we're probably both in our 30s and I'd appreciate if we could speak to one another as if we're not petulant children.
  25. saLz

    OTT Jumping

    Are you playing the same Battalion 1944 I am? Because the K98 knocks you on your ass...