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  1. saLz

    aLive from VA

    Hello fellow Virginian, Springfield checking in
  2. saLz

    Strafe jump poll

    The lack of proper labelling the jumps in Battalion as "bunnyhopping" drives me fucking ape shit since there are basically two things which qualify as bunnyhopping: 1. Bunnyhopping as in the original CoD1 release where the first month or so there was no cooldown/reset for jumping and people were hitting jump over and over and over to bounce around the map like a fucking superball. 2. Bunnyhopping as in CSS and to a far lesser extent CS:GO and 1.6 where the proper combination of keys and movement in conjunction with jumping allowed the player to essentially bounce off the ground and use jumping to increase in speed and propel themselves around the map beyond the maximum runspeed. Simply strafe jumping around every corner as an advantage to surprise and get easier kills/make yourself harder to hit is jump shooting and strafe jumping, not bunnyhopping. WIth all of that said, I don't like it in this game. Others have insinuated that it's low hours players who feel this way, but I have 100 hours in this game and it doesn't feel any better now than it did at the start. Anyone who has played all the CoD games knows that for one, sprinting wasn't a feature in CoD1 and Cod2, but was introduced with the CoD1 expansion UO, partially due to that game being made by a different development studio entirely. Components of UO were incorporated by IW for CoD4 which is why and how we got the sprint/strafe jumping mechanic for this game. CoD2 movement gave players zero options to accelerate a jump, no sprint, no boost from strafing or crouching. Movement was more basic along the lines of CSGO. I understand Bulkhead wanted to add some interesting jumps and skill based movement mechanics to this game, but I don't personally find constant jump shooting to be enjoyable and would rather some other movement mechanic were introduced and maps/jumps were altered slightly to discourage the huge amount of corner jumping.
  3. saLz

    Matchmaking is broken

    I don't know what the problem is for unranked, but my friend and I have experienced the same exact issue, just getting endless "searching....allocating server....searching....allocating server". I don't have a theory for why this is happening. We have our ranks for the competitive matchmaking, but we can't get a game outside of Europe (We're NA East). It will sit on searching literally all night. We were searching for 45 minutes the other night before we gave up. We played a few games with Euros and had ~100 ping the whole time. We still have 2 placement matches left to go. My theory has been that everyone already completed their placement matches and the matching system is segregating us from those who already have a matchmaking rank, so as the few players playing B44 in NA all got their ranks, the pool of players still completing their placement matches has become smaller and smaller to the point where we have literally nobody or not enough people to play with. Combined with the fact that other players can't reach rank 10 because you get no XP from public servers and the unranked matching system appears to be horribly broken, even players in NA who WOULD play placement matches can't because they can't even get to rank 10. I'll find out tonight when we (hopefully) complete our placement matches on the European server. I'd suggest trying to use the matching system for EU if you can bear the ping to get to rank 10. This might be a completely incorrect theory, I have no solid proof of what's happening here so this is my best guess for what's gone wrong. I'd say a developer could come in and enlighten us but they haven't been very communicative on these issues over the past week or so.
  4. My theory is that all of us have to complete placement matches still and the game segregates out players who have already attained a rank from those who are still doing placement matches, so we're attempting to connect with a small and ever shrinking pool of players in our region. Anyone here can confirm or deny if they wish, I have no proof its just a guess.
  5. I'm having the exact same problem in NA. My friend and I have been trying to play this game the past two nights. Just searching, no matches on Unranked, Arcade, and Competitive. If we switch to EU servers we get a game immediately. What the fuck?
  6. saLz

    Tone Down Main Menu (Darker)

    I think that Bram has mentioned that they have a UI overhaul scheduled to be completed and delivered by Q4 of this year. I'm not sure if they will release the option between now and then for people to go with a dark version. The current UI always appeared to be a placeholder to me, but for whatever reason it doesn't hurt my eyes. Practically everyone I play with has complained about it being ridiculously bright and blinding them so hopefully they come around soon and give you guys some relief.
  7. saLz

    Bolt action for every team

    This is the reason why the Americans are not a great choice. I'd have loved to see British and Germans because they match up much better with the Enfield - k98. Soviets and Germans match up. British and Italians match up. Pretty much everyone matches up with the exception for the Americans because of the M1. The G43 in reality was an answer to the SVT both of which were similar but simply not as mass produced as the Garand or considered the main battle rifle of their armies. The G43 shot 8mm Mauser the same as the k98. The SVT shot 7.62x54 the same as the Mosin. The Garand shot .30-06 the same as the Springfield. We could say add the Springfield, remove the Garand because we don't care about historical accuracy, but in reality what I really want is a game where I don't just use the Thompson or MP40, the BAR or the STG. I want to have the STEN, the BREN, the PPSH. I want other factions. I want other locations, I want other weapons. That was much of the charm of CoD and CoD2, and I think it's lost a bit just pitting Germans vs. Americans.
  8. saLz

    Competitive Goes Live

    You force solo queue only and I quit. I'm not playing a game where my friends of 16 years cannot also play with me, especially given the fact that I absolutely despise and want nothing to do with the larger community of mouthy douchebags and retarded children. If people who are solo queueing become sad because they're getting their asses kicked by a premade then that's tough shit in my opinion. Suck it up and make some friends or shut up and play the game. My friend and I duo-queued our way to GE in CSGO, and beat plenty of pre-made stacks along the way. If people are worried about their rank and the fact that they're more likely to lose against a team, then scale the XP so a loss vs. a team affects you less than a loss vs. other opponents, and if you are afraid not enough people will solo queue to fill in those gaps, slightly raise XP if you win while soloing. Then again, most matches aren't 1's vs. 5's. Are we still considering it unfair if a team of 3 solos and 1 duo play against a 4 man and a solo? What if their solo goes 0-24 and your duo sucks but one of the solos goes 40-5? IMO its a waste of time worrying about fairness beyond simply handing out ranks. Play the game. Make friends and stack or don't. You know what solo queue is.
  9. saLz

    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    Why does nobody know what bunny hopping is anymore? I swear to god I've seen it misused more times in the past two weeks than at any point in my entire life playing pc games. Jump shooting is the problem everyone is upset about. Bunny hopping is the ability to perform another jump quickly after the first with no cooldown. Anyone who played CoD1 will remember the first few months when there was no cooldown from hitting the ground and people were literally bouncing around like basketballs. In other games like CS bunny bunny hopping with certain keypresses and movement inbetween could be leveraged to accelerate a player beyond the normal runspeed. The thing everyone hates is jump shooting. Launching your player model around corners like Vince Carter going for a dunk and shooting someone while also setting an olympic record for high jump and long jump simultaneously. This is made possible by two things: First- the movement mechanics added to the game to give it movement depth and create skill jumps for positioning on maps between objects, second- the accuracy of one's weapon while in the air. While the latter was reportedly nerfed after the closed beta it certainly does not feel that way. The first issue presents a problem for simply removing jumping or altering how it works: the entire game and most maps are based on the current movement system and fucking with the jumping fucks everything else. The second issue should be discussed- what should the viability be of shooting while jumping? A few solutions come to mind from other games. Some games institute near-total inaccuracy at anything other than very close range while jumping ala CS with most weapons. Some games institute an inability to fire or aim down the sights while not firmly planted on the ground. Others institute a severe frozen in place movement penalty for when your player model lands, meaning that if you go for a jump, you might get your 1st kill but you are 99% going to get traded while your feet are stuck in the mud. Jumping isn't the only movement system problem to tackle in my opinion. Who here has actually looked into your visibility level while leaning? I remember reading there was a peeker's advantage in this game and I find that to be completely false. Lean peeking a corner is in most cases complete suicide. Your head and torso are visible to the defender holding a flat angle while on your screen you're still staring at a brick wall. Strafe peeking isn't much better, and if we're going to discuss jumping as a problem we need to discuss why it is that 99% of players are electing to jump around corners instead of lean peeking them. Jumping might not even be much of an issue in itself in its current state if players had viable alternatives for peeking an opponent. As it is, it's the most effective way to give yourself an edge so players are going to take it and everyone is going to focus on it as the actual problem when the problem might be at least partially that there aren't better alternatives. While we're on the topic of movement, anyone who has tested crouch peeking quickly from behind an object can also tell you how op this can be for gathering info. A lot of people aren't doing it yet, and it works best if you hold crouch instead of toggle which a lot of people don't, but popping up for info and re-popping up to take shots happens more instantaneously on your screen than your opponent, meaning by the time you are yourself standing and taking a shot, your opponent sees just your head or helmet and then dies. Since you're re-crouching so fast you don't appear to fully stand on the other player's screen and are quickly back in cover and extremely difficult to hit. Going prone is accurate 100% to the ground and hitting prone with a gun such as the M1 garand for example gives you 100% accuracy without ADS at basically all ranges while going prone with a BAR or STG with no ADS is still suicide, so there are strange weapon imbalance quirks there. We still have very little recoil as well, something players have been asking for and people have ceased talking about with the jump discussion. You could up recoil while jumping and make it difficult to land shots beyond your initial burst with an SMG or MG, but this wouldn't really mess up bolt players and shotguns.
  10. saLz

    Americans vs. Germans

    I really wish this game was not set in 1944. This is coming from an American. I know its just a historical setting, etc, etc but the best things about CoD1 and CoD2 were the Russian and British factions, for a number of reasons. For starters, this opens up the various settings and theaters of war for interesting map locations, different architecture/levels of destruction, interesting weather, etc. Some of the best CoD1 maps were ones like Railyard, Depot, Harbor, Stalingrad. There were great UO maps like Sicily, Stanjel, Arnhem, etc. Then in CoD2 everybody loved Matmata, Toujane, Villers-Bocage, Leningrad, Moscow, etc. Sure, some of those I listed are in France or the low countries, but we've also got places all over Russia, North Africa, the Balkans, Italy, etc. Then there's the weapons. I don't have to go into detail for why the M1 and k98 don't balance well against each other like the other bolts could. The Mosin-Nagant was my favorite weapon in CoD, and the CoD2 Enfield was up there. For every army you could bolt, and being a bolt player for my competitive teams, it was a particular point of pride and my favorite thing about the game. I don't know if there is room for Russia and the British in the B44 roadmap, since a 1944 setting puts the Eastern front charging through into Poland, North Africa as captured, Italy as stalemated at the winter line, most of the interesting historical settings for later expansions are already over. Perhaps this could be the first game to expand backwards in time, and I'd love to see it because I'm honestly sick to death of playing Americans in France in WW2 games.
  11. saLz


  12. saLz

    Game's Dead guys..

    For some reason I continue to be surprised at the lack of patience with a game, the inability or complete unwillingness to research, read, or comprehend what something is before purchasing a new game, the refusal to understand what "Early access" is, means, and is intended to do. I must be fucking retarded tbh at this point to continually be surprised when people who didn't know what this game was supposed to be bought it blindly, played it for 1.3 hours, gave it a steam review saying "game's trash", asked for a refund on steam, then- in the first act of anything other than complete and utter laziness, go out of their way to shill against the game everywhere they possibly can, as if their lost 1.3 hours and refunded 14 dollars was the worst experience of their lives, and the developers of this game personally came to their house and shit on their dinner plates. I will never understand people's motivations and thought processes in this regard, and normally I'd simply say "good riddance", but the biggest inconvenience in life is perhaps that we need the retarded masses to fill up space so the rest of us can get on with doing the things we want to do. Such a pity.
  13. saLz

    Dealing with Toxic Players - Recent Players List?

    Yes, this makes me think of something a friend told me about DoTA2 (any dota2 players can confirm of deny the veracity of this). I believe that you give teammates a rating for how good or bad they were (as teammates, i.e. toxic or not) and after a lot of people giving you negative you would essentially start only getting matched with other players with similar ratings, so all the more or less pleasant non-toxic players rose up and played together, and all the shitheads sunk down. They have a similar system with karma on ESEA. The only problem is of course spiteful players will abuse these ratings so it would have to be a pretty long trend to take any action.
  14. If you spent money on a kickstarter as a way to somehow get a cheap deal on a game, you're doing it wrong and completely missing the point of kickstarter. It's a fundraiser platform for ideas. You either like the idea and give it the amount of money you think its worth, or you don't. If you back the project you're giving them your money and saying "go make the thing you're saying you'll make because I want it to exist". Then when it shows up you're going to be upset that they're putting a low selling point on it, because you gave them more money in the kickstarter campaign? If all you wanted was to purchase the game, it makes absolutely no sense to back a kickstarter campaign for it unless the campaign were to explicitly state that if you get in now the game will cost $10 but if you wait until its released it'll cost you $20. I've backed a few games on kickstarter in the past and I've never seen any developer make that claim as a gimmick to receive funds, and I did not see this group do that either. If for whatever reason you DID back the kickstarter for the proper reason- you wanted a competitive FPS in the mold of older CoD games, then it should be good news that the game is on sale for such a cheap price, since a niche competitive based multiplayer only game which has to compete with something like CSGO isn't going to survive a week on steam if you sell it for a high price. You see all the people flipping tables and going ape shit because an early access game *gasp* has bugs and problems on release? Imagine now that they paid three times what they did for this game. The amount of butthurt would be amplified tremendously.
  15. saLz

    Active players decreased by 50%

    I have a friend on my steam list who messaged me. He is a CSGO player I helped out a while ago who has worked his way up from basically silver to an ESEA rank A pugger with decent RWS. He has never been good at a different game. He saw people playing this game and bought it to try it out. Within 4 hours he had determined that the game was bad because he couldn't break even in any of the matches he played and he refunded it. Another person in my server the other night was going on and on about how the game's shit because he has 2700 hours in CSGO and is a Global Elite but he was repeatedly dying to me and was mad at himself. I asked him why he should be mad at himself, since he should not expect to do all that well simply because he's a CS player. I used to be CAL-IM and CAL-M in CoD2 and CoD4 and this game was much more comfortable for me and easy to pick up. I wouldn't just wander into CSGO and expect to routinely beat an ESEA-M caliber player. This sent him into an autistic frenzy. I think a good portion of people who tried this game out in EA were mid tier players from CS or other competitive games who know they'll never be a CSGO pro but figured this new game is supposed to be competitively driven and its based on CoD which is clearly easy mode when compared to CS, so if they switch games right now they'll just be instant pros and rape everyone. Then they join a server and some 30 year old former CAL player hops around a corner and bolts them in the face and they screech like banshees and smash that refund button. It's probably a mix of that and stupid people who for some reason thought this game would be something different from what it is, or think that early access means "final product, bug free and set in stone".