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  1. saLz

    aLive from VA

    Hello fellow Virginian, Springfield checking in
  2. saLz

    Strafe jump poll

    The lack of proper labelling the jumps in Battalion as "bunnyhopping" drives me fucking ape shit since there are basically two things which qualify as bunnyhopping: 1. Bunnyhopping as in the original CoD1 release where the first month or so there was no cooldown/reset for jumping and people were hitting jump over and over and over to bounce around the map like a fucking superball. 2. Bunnyhopping as in CSS and to a far lesser extent CS:GO and 1.6 where the proper combination of keys and movement in conjunction with jumping allowed the player to essentially bounce off the ground and use jumping to increase in speed and propel themselves around the map beyond the maximum runspeed. Simply strafe jumping around every corner as an advantage to surprise and get easier kills/make yourself harder to hit is jump shooting and strafe jumping, not bunnyhopping. WIth all of that said, I don't like it in this game. Others have insinuated that it's low hours players who feel this way, but I have 100 hours in this game and it doesn't feel any better now than it did at the start. Anyone who has played all the CoD games knows that for one, sprinting wasn't a feature in CoD1 and Cod2, but was introduced with the CoD1 expansion UO, partially due to that game being made by a different development studio entirely. Components of UO were incorporated by IW for CoD4 which is why and how we got the sprint/strafe jumping mechanic for this game. CoD2 movement gave players zero options to accelerate a jump, no sprint, no boost from strafing or crouching. Movement was more basic along the lines of CSGO. I understand Bulkhead wanted to add some interesting jumps and skill based movement mechanics to this game, but I don't personally find constant jump shooting to be enjoyable and would rather some other movement mechanic were introduced and maps/jumps were altered slightly to discourage the huge amount of corner jumping.
  3. saLz

    Matchmaking is broken

    I don't know what the problem is for unranked, but my friend and I have experienced the same exact issue, just getting endless "searching....allocating server....searching....allocating server". I don't have a theory for why this is happening. We have our ranks for the competitive matchmaking, but we can't get a game outside of Europe (We're NA East). It will sit on searching literally all night. We were searching for 45 minutes the other night before we gave up. We played a few games with Euros and had ~100 ping the whole time. We still have 2 placement matches left to go. My theory has been that everyone already completed their placement matches and the matching system is segregating us from those who already have a matchmaking rank, so as the few players playing B44 in NA all got their ranks, the pool of players still completing their placement matches has become smaller and smaller to the point where we have literally nobody or not enough people to play with. Combined with the fact that other players can't reach rank 10 because you get no XP from public servers and the unranked matching system appears to be horribly broken, even players in NA who WOULD play placement matches can't because they can't even get to rank 10. I'll find out tonight when we (hopefully) complete our placement matches on the European server. I'd suggest trying to use the matching system for EU if you can bear the ping to get to rank 10. This might be a completely incorrect theory, I have no solid proof of what's happening here so this is my best guess for what's gone wrong. I'd say a developer could come in and enlighten us but they haven't been very communicative on these issues over the past week or so.
  4. My theory is that all of us have to complete placement matches still and the game segregates out players who have already attained a rank from those who are still doing placement matches, so we're attempting to connect with a small and ever shrinking pool of players in our region. Anyone here can confirm or deny if they wish, I have no proof its just a guess.
  5. I'm having the exact same problem in NA. My friend and I have been trying to play this game the past two nights. Just searching, no matches on Unranked, Arcade, and Competitive. If we switch to EU servers we get a game immediately. What the fuck?