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  1. Movvy

    Two things

    sometimes you can see pretty muhc right trough it. So 100% agreed this needs some attention of the devs when they have some time spare.
  2. Movvy

    Demos for EA?

    as long as the demos are more reliable then csgo for example. csgo demos are nearly usseles to catch cheaters with.
  3. dont worry,on 1st feb it will be at the top sales list .
  4. Movvy

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    cod4 had a pretty big community.It doesnt plays exactly like cod4 yet seems like most of the cod4 community mannages to adapt to it. if the part of the cod2 community that wants a copy of cod2 could adapt aswell then we could be one big family of olschool cod players considering this game is a bit of fairy tail story becomming real perhaps this fairytail could become real aswell?
  5. Movvy

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    I meant pro mod,sorry.
  6. Movvy

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    not sure what the problem is.they said they wanted to have movement like cod4. well as a cod4 smg player you would jump past a corner if you expect a enemy behind it(depending on the situation ofcourse,but it was often a viable strategy). the main diffrence is that cod4 had further strafing then this game.So i dont get the complaints about something wich was repeatedly announcent to be the base of the game? I personaly think its an addition to the game,you can learn to strafe better then others (skillbased) and jump further around a corner then people might expect.
  7. Movvy

    Rate the beta (1-10)

    8/10 crashes were acceptable amount for the state the game is. movement fellt pretty good (less then cod4 wich is a shame for me,but it might be a good compromise for the cod1/2 people who feel the strafing is now little to much) guns fellt excelent,maybe give heavier machine guns more recoil or something. important: pretyt good reg if the next competetive maps will be as good as these I will give a 9/10. biggest minus for me: I miss the freedom to jump on things like you had in cod4.I feel like alot of invisable walls etc are preventing you to test your jumping skills and reach difficult places.
  8. Movvy

    Server-Side Addons

    im personaly hoping we will have a mod community like cod4 and cod2 had.zombie mode,props etc etc were fun time killers in between of matches i think. Also mods like strat mod to train nades/tactics would be for sure a good addition to this game (but im guessing these things will be added lateron?)
  9. Movvy

    Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    they said they wanted the cod4 movement,well this is cod4 movement (infact cod4 strafing was more effective on pro mod then this strafing i feel like)
  10. Movvy

    Movement seems a little clunky?

    I agree its not on cod4 pro mod level.
  11. personaly i like @vozER hes view on this.it doesnt harms the gameplay when its only on the scorebord. also wouldnt mind coloured binds in chat ^^
  12. Movvy

    chat binds and chat colour

    small question,will there be a system to make chat binds and use colours in them like there was on Cod2 & 4? would be fun to fire up the oldschool binds again