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    Hey everyone, the name is Kookyy! I'm coming to the community a little late. I've heard about Battalion a while back from a couple friends of mine that were apart of the Kickstarter pledges. I'm originally a PC Counter-Strike 1.6 veteran that moved to CS:GO for the first initial years before dropping it after the skin wave hit. I then started to stream and got heavy into PUBG, about 1.5k hours, and peaked in top 50 NA solo fpp. After researching Battalion I must say that it ignited my old love for FPS aim and the roots of what it is to play a SOLID game in one of my favorite war eras. I remember playing a ton of Day of Defeat and forgetting how much I loved that experience. I run an awesome stream with an amazing community over at Twitch, https://www.twitch.tv/kookyy , and am always looking for any and everybody who has a love for FPS games or any genre. EVERYONE is welcome to come into chat and or play along side me. I'm always looking for soldiers to join my army of mouse wielding savages. If you have the time definately give it a look. I'd love to learn as much as I can about the game as fast as I can. Thanks for everyone who viewed this post and I can't wait to start gaming with you all! -Kookyy